Melania Won’t Be Covering Up In Saudi Arabia

Unlike other first ladies who have visited Saudi Arabia, Melania Trump won’t be donning a head scarf or potato sack when the first couple arrive in that nation on the first leg of their first tour abroad.


23 Comments on Melania Won’t Be Covering Up In Saudi Arabia

  1. They knew better than to ask Melania to bow to them. They knew better than to demand LePen bow to them.

    The obombas however. . . .

  2. Regarding Melania,it should be illegal to cover up a work of art and hide it from the appreciation of the people. As for Mooch, a garbage bag will do.

  3. Butter face Michelle should really go everywhere with a bag over her head. Maybe one of those burlap numbers they use on hostages. But I wouldn’t say no to something from the Hefty collection.

  4. Unlike the hirsute humanoid that resembled a farm animal of the previous administration (like a giant goat), Mrs. Trump is something their consanguineous inbreeding could never produce. She is a also Christian. She is an American. She is totally unidentifiable otherwise.

    The Izloid rage will be epic.

  5. So, we’re all onboard with most White House visiting dignitaries taking a whizz on the “back” of the pillars? Cos’ that’s what they do at home?


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