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Muslim Cousin Marriage in UK Causing High Infant Mortality

We’ve joked about cousins marrying in rural communities in this country for years, only the practice isn’t engaged in like it is among Muslim communities. British authorities are attributing a high infant mortality rate in the London borrow of Redbridge to consanguinity (common blood marriage)


Here’s a nice paper from 2009 on the rates of inbreeding among Arab nations and the consequences of such behavior Here

Note Table 1 which estimates the rates of double 1st cousin marriage and 1st cousin marriage among Arab nations.

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  1. One of my sons was the object of a muslim girl’s affections. They sat beside each other in a class at school. She kept extending social invitations on the weekends, which made me nervous. I assumed this quite forward behavior on her part would be unacceptable to her parents, and if they found out about it, I feared they would take out their anger on my son. How did I know these were “traditional” muslims NOT living in the 21st century? Cuz the girls parents were first cousins. And double fun, the dad looked to be about 110 years old, while the mom appeared to be about 40.

  2. Nicolai Sennels, is a Danish psychologist and author of “Among Criminal Muslims. A Psychologist’s Experiences from Copenhagen Municipality.” He was forced to resign around 2010 because his data showed the disproportionate amount of crime caused by Muslims. He also wrote about the damage inbreeding has done within the Muslim community in Denmark.

    He also wrote a very interesting piece on “Why Islam Creates Monsters”

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    Unfortunately, it will take a few more centuries and they’ll murder many more millions along the way.

  5. Not only birth defects, fatal or influencing of life span, but also IQ is diminished. Documented.
    Their ‘halal’ method of animal slaughter has it’s effect, too, to my mind. Animals slowly, and consciously, bleed to death. Nice, huh. 1400 years of eating those hormones has to have some effect.

  6. Richard P. They already have nukes. Pakistan has them, and most probably has some in reserve paid for by the House of Saud, deliverable on demand and at will.

  7. So to accelerate this, we should dispense with first cousins. Encourage them to cut straight to brother-sister marriage, or hey, why not mother-son.

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