Members of Congress, Staff Exempt From Biden COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate – IOTW Report

Members of Congress, Staff Exempt From Biden COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Geller Report –

Rules for thee but not for me. This is totalitarianism.The Democrats did this with Obamacare, too.

“Biden’s” new vaccine mandates for federal employees don’t apply to members of Congress or those who work for Congress or the federal court system.

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  1. We ain’t gonna win this until lefties, liberals, and various stripes of Dhimmicrat voters also become fed up with it. I live in blue MA and there appears to be no end to their apologizing for this nonsense. Because abortion and racism.

  2. Safety TIP…Something really bad is in the air coming out of Washington. Wake up and double check your backup plan.

  3. Eventually, it will boil down to all elites/non-whites being exempt from the vaccine. It won’t be explicitly spelled out, but after all of the carve-outs in the legislative fine print, federal agency rules, union concessions and private sector HR directives, it will add up to Affirmative Vaccination for white people.

    Mad Joe’s mandate will be shot down, and we’ll think we’ve won, but the battle will have just begun, and it will move out of the public eye. And all of the GOPers will be energetically stabbing us in the back. It’s the New American Way.

  4. No wonder so many people believe in conspiracy theories. Because some times they are true. This is a small but continuing step towards tyranny.

  5. And yes, check your “tools”, but stock up on essentials, too, because “tools” are useless if you have nothing to protect.

  6. As Tsquared implied, if you want a perfect sign that the powers that be do not take this flu seriously (as a health issue) this mandate exception is it. If those responsible for “running” the country (or delivering the mail) do not need to be vaccinated against this terrible flu then it obviously isn’t such a health hazard – especially when you consider how old some members of Congress are.

  7. Just like there’s no mass “die off” in the homeless population……nicotine maybe….????

    Why’s there no mass “die off” in the geriatric congressional population… plandemic….just waiting for the vax “die off” maybe…..????

  8. More proof this vaccine is important to them for what they can do to us not protecting anyone from the flu.

  9. For Obamacare didn’t the house and senate designate themselves as small business? If so I wonder if it’s under the 100 employee cutoff?

  10. Biden has decided to inaugurate a 2nd Civil War! To hell with suing the Democratic Communist Parties leader.. the Red States should be calling up volunteers to fight whats coming….

  11. No doubt they were given ‘insider’ tips and warnings by their big pharma collaborating villains NOT to submit to the suspect drug.

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