Mexico reports 250% increase in Africans trying to enter the US

Judicial Watch:

Mexico has seen an astounding 250% increase in Africans trying to enter the United States through the southern border, according to the latest figures released by the Mexican government’s immigration agency, known as Unidad de Política Migratoria. The stats include the first eight months of 2019 and reveal that, during the same period last year, 1,507 Africans were apprehended in the country compared to 5,286 this year. During the same period 4,783 migrants from India and Bangladesh were also detained in Mexico, according to the data made public this month.

The information is alarming considering Africa and Bangladesh are hotbeds of terrorism and the fact that all the migrants are heading north into the United States. “These migrants, although less in numbers compared to migrants from Central America, increased significantly in the country,” a Mexican newspaper article states, confirming that “their principle objective is not to stay in Mexican territory but rather cross the border towards the United States.” The story also reveals that a growing number of Cubans, Haitians and south Americans, mainly from Brazil and Colombia, have also been apprehended by Mexican authorities trying to make their way to the U.S. border. read more

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  1. “Mexico reports 250% increase in Africans trying to enter the US”

    Yep, the Africans know who the real slaves are…and it ain’t them.



  3. Libertarian heads explode in umbrage.

    Actually they are too fucking dumb to have their heads explode.

    “What’s Aleppo?”

  4. Mexico caved to the cartels and released El Chapo Jr.
    Further, the govt, per AmLo has essentially backed off their threats to take on the cartels….nothing new.

    Once Mexico gets clogged up with more “citizens of the world”, the dam will break and we’ll begin to see the flow increase back into the US. Mexico and their ugly step-cousins to the south were awarded a sweetener ($$$) to keep the vermin from crossing our border, but since when have these shithole countries kept their word?

    Not to mention our shithole members of Congress. Nope, the only resolution to this invasion lies with Congress….and they’re busy with other issues from what I hear. (((SPIT)))

  5. Bus the ILLEGALS to districts of demoncrats who want them.

    Obamination shipped thousands of HIS illegals, including unaccompanied children he encouraged parents to send alone, to republican districts.

    Trump just needs to DO IT. Then let it fight out in court, like obamination did.

  6. @Blue Toof November 1, 2019 at 12:16 am

    > Say HELLO to Ebola.

    Ebola? In The United States? Where African invaders would survive? Long enough to spread Ebola?

    Gimme’ a minute few years. I’m thinkin’.

  7. @Engelburka Engelburka October 31, 2019 at 11:23 pm

    > Mexico caved to the cartels and released El Chapo Jr.

    Mexicans: Still doing the work Americans are too lazy to do.

  8. I have just returned from a business trip to NYC for the first time in ten years. The number of Africans jabbering in indecipherable native languages all over the city in nearly every neighborhood has increased to the point where it reminds me of Madrid or Rome. Took a daylight stroll through Central Park. Dozens of Africans trying to sell crap and harassing people just like in Europe. Those Africans temporarily stuck in Mexico have plenty of relatives and tribal members awaiting them in New Lagos City.

  9. …who the hell is PAYING for this? I’ve got a good job, and I could not afford a transatlantic passage as CARGO.

  10. Supernightshade NOVEMBER 1, 2019 AT 7:56 AM
    …is anyone’s wondering, I think they’re all working in my food plant…

    If not now, soon.

  11. George Soros has been busy cutting our nations throat while receiving slaps on the back from the scumbag politicians.

  12. Black Africans don’t have to sneak in. They have been given the open doors welcome mat since 1965, when it was mandated by Congress. No more whites allowed. Remember, Congressional members hate Christian Americans, especially white ones. But then so do the MSM and Hollywood satanists.

    January 15, 2018
    Time to Repeal the Disastrous 1965 Immigration Act
    By Selwyn Duke


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