Strong Woman Aggressively Confronts Beto About Gun Grabbing in Newtown, Connecticut

Hear! Hear!

She says gun grabbing is bypassing the mental health issues. And she says gun grabbing is part of the war on masculinity. She also tells him he doesn’t care a whit about urban violence, and that democrats have been in charge of urban communities for decades, and have failed.

Watch her in action:

ht/ Chris Cassone

24 Comments on Strong Woman Aggressively Confronts Beto About Gun Grabbing in Newtown, Connecticut

  1. She’s great. She’s just like my daughter, except daughter wouldn’t have used bullshit. Daughter would have used something more cutting.

  2. I don’t think I’d want her really pissed off at me, she looks like the mama bear type. I don’t think Beto is going to challenge her to settling this outside either.

  3. She’s tired of the bullshit. Beto hid behind a fucking microphone stand and pissed his shit-stained rainbow undies.

  4. The boos didn’t start until she mentioned Trump. The stunned silence before that was the realization that she was absolutely right about the Democrats and urban violence. Way to go, lady! You told the Asshole from El Paso where to put his gun grabbing routine. Can’t wait until the Democrat Convention, when they trot out all their pathetic candidates in a show of unity. Beto will be the Doofus with the two o’clock in the morning time slot.

  5. Notice how scared Beano’s acolytes were getting?

    The cops were considering how to do a “beat down” without seeming to.

    The whole idea that we’re not supposed to confront our agents and representatives is absurd. We’re supposed to sit quietly while they lie to us and abuse us and belittle us. We’re supposed to thank them for stealing from us. We’re supposed to be happy about our earnings being extorted (through the “legal” fiction of the IRS) to reward their criminal behavior.

    Aside: Ever dawn on anyone that the IRS regularly, repeatedly, and explicitly violates the 5th Amendment? That it’s OK because the Supremes (9 klowns in black dresses – politically connected shysters) said it’s OK? Immoral but legal?

    We’re drowning in mendacity.
    It’s not a new phenomenon.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. I lived and went through school in Conn. and it was a much different place then. Now it’s under the tight control of the left as are the surrounding states.
    The government there uses laws, restrictions and intimidation to tightly control the citizens.
    It’s appearing more and more like living in one of the eastern block countries before the collapse.

  7. Beatoff O’dork needs to go back to waxing his rich father in laws balls to secure his retirement cause it ain’t going to be his gubment pension that he will never get from being prezzident.


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