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Michael Bay’s Latest, A Film About Deadlier COVID-23

USA Today

The first trailer for dystopian thriller “Songbird,” produced by Michael Bay and directed by Adam Mason, was released Thursday to much criticism.

Bay’s film “Songbird” takes place in 2024, where COVID-19 has mutated to COVID-23 and the world is in its fourth year of lockdown. The trailer shows images of notable places in the U.S., including the Santa Monica Pier nearly deserted, now mostly occupied by soldiers and armored vehicles ready to shoot civilians who violate lockdown orders. The U.S. death toll in the movie’s setting has reached over 8 million for the year alone, while the worldwide coronavirus death toll is now over 110 million. More

Trailer Here

“Variety” is reporting that the film has already been sold into numerous overseas markets. I imagine the Chinese are going to make this film a blockbuster. Here

14 Comments on Michael Bay’s Latest, A Film About Deadlier COVID-23

  1. Now wait a minute….. the leftists are all about “over population”, hence abortion on demand. If the dempanic was actually going to kill more than the seasonal flu, wouldn’t they embrace it???
    just wondering. I get so confused these days.

  2. SCREW these ASSHOLES….

    I am way beyond giving credit to the ‘scaremongers’ that perpetuate their constant threat of death and doom.

    We have been saddled with liberal hate, threats, doom and destruction since they were capable of typing coherent sentences.

  3. I saw Men’s Health magazine has a piece on always carrying and wearing masks after the pandemic whenever there is high pollen or pollution, to mow the lawn etc. So a health magazine doesn’t realize we have an immune system and a body structured to protect us from these things? These morons can wear a mask for the rest of their life for all I care. I will not and I suspect in a few years we are going to have all kinds of studies about the ill effects of masks. Dental issues, skin issues, lung issues, etc. So good luck with that.

  4. Generally viruses get chipped away at by immune systems. As they pass from one to another they weaken a little. Eventually, as humans build immunity through survival, and as the disease weakens, we eventually win.

    Try and think of how European Diseases were very deadly to native north Americans centuries ago.

    Politicians, Governments and Media made COVID-19 dystopian.

    For perspective, WW2 had an overall death toll of 85 Million people, but people were allowed to fight when med had testicles. I’m pretty sure Governments started that one.

  5. Here’s a better story line. Enemies of Donald Trump all realize one thing. If the economy is booming during the re election he’s undefeatable. The Never Trumper Globalists are/were already in bed with China. The Trump admin is convinced this is Lab Grown and that’s been confirmed by Chinese Scientists the defected. The timing is just to perfect. There’s no such thing as a coincidence.


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