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Mid-Day Drive-By In Philly 5 Wounds Kills One

Fox News

Philadelphia police released footage of a drive-by shooting that killed one and wounded five others in broad daylight on Monday in the hope of identifying the suspect vehicle.

The shooting unfolded around 2 p.m. in the 1300 block of West Chew Avenue in the Fern Rock neighborhood, the Philadelphia Police Department said.

The suspect vehicle, described as a silver Chrysler 300 SDN, is seen on the video driving around the area before a passenger in the right rear seat opens fire on a crowd of people on the sidewalk. The crowd is seen scattering, with some rolling behind parked cars to escape the spray of bullets.

The gunman fired at least 24 shots from a semiautomatic handgun, police said. More


8 Comments on Mid-Day Drive-By In Philly 5 Wounds Kills One

  1. Jeez, as much as they get shot at you’d figure they’d know which way to run.

  2. Guarantee that nobody saw nuffin. The only reason they even know the kind of car is because it was caught on security cam.

  3. Well the schools or parents never taught these 🐷🐒🐴 the old time Philly slogan-The city of brotherly love. Lord have mercy and come back quickly..

  4. Chicago sez, “What a bunch of amateurs”

  5. Visit Philadelphia…

    “Come for the cheese-steaks… stay for your autopsy.”


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