Mifsud’s Cellphones Mean Barr Investigation Heating Up

PJ Media: While Democrats and their media friends natter on about impeachment and quid pro quos, trying to deflect from the the obvious corruption of Biden & Son and the imminent — at some point anyway — appearance of the IG report on FISA and the Steele Dossier — the real action, as it often is, is elsewhere.

In this case, it is the surprising news that two cellphones belonging to Joseph Mifsud — the mysterious Maltese professor at the heart of  the Russia probe (aka Spygate) — have suddenly materialized. The Epoch Times reports:

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has obtained two phones of Joseph Mifsud, one of the central figures of the 2016 Russia investigation, and the lawyer of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn has requested them, saying they likely contain exculpatory evidence.

The phones, two BlackBerry models, “only recently” came into the government’s possession, said Flynn’s lawyer, Sidney Powell, a former prosecutor, in an Oct. 15 court filing (pdf).

Data and metadata on the phones “is material, exculpatory, and relevant to the defense of Mr. Flynn,” she said.

Mifsud — for those who may have been on a long vacation on Alpha Centauri – is the man who supposedly told George Papadopoulos the Russians had Hillary’s missing emails to share with the Trump campaign and therewith launched a thousand Russia probe ships. The Mueller report implies Mifsud was a Russian agent, but other indications are that he was one of ours, in which case the whole Russia probe was the most outrageous, indeed evil, misuse of U.S. intelligence in our history . . read more

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  1. It’s already been analyzed by Crowdstrike and they’ve assured us in a draft report that mifsud’s phone reveals he’s a russian agent.

  2. You mean somebody might, finally, do something!? Something that involves Party members in good standing, informing us that now, as always, The Party is good again. Same as it ever is. And papers will be pushed. And checks will be cashed. (And envelopes will fall into people’s pocketses. Nobody knows how.)

    So, we can goodly stay on the couch? Same as it ever is?

    Don’t get up. Some one else will welcome our new, beardy overlords. (But welcomed, they will be. First come, first served. Same as it ever was.)


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