Youth Football Coach Faces $500 Fine For Scoring Too Many Touchdowns

Morning Call

Former Eagles wide receiver Torrey Smith has brought attention to an unusual situation involving a youth football team in suburban Philadelphia. Kyle

Kyle Williams, per NBC10, coaches the Conshohocken Golden Bears of the Keystone Sports League, which sets the maximum player age at 7 and maximum team lead in a game at 30.

With the Golden Bears up 30-0 and less than two minutes remaining in a game Saturday, Williams pulled his starters, but one of his subs, a 5-year-old boy, scored a touchdown. While the boy was running, Williams tried to prevent the touchdown by yelling for him to fall down.

Not surprisingly, it didn’t work, and the Bears led 36-0. More

11 Comments on Youth Football Coach Faces $500 Fine For Scoring Too Many Touchdowns

  1. We used to teach our children to strive for excellence.

    But times have changed, we now teach them to strive for mediocrity.

  2. A $500 fine? Is this professional sports for tykes? I thought this was volunteers. That 5 year old is being guilt shamed. Stupid doesn’t begin to describe this.

  3. If any fines are due it seems that it should be the coach of the team that loses 36 – zip for producing such a poor team!!

  4. I understand it’s a game for kids and should be primarily for fun but absent any dick-headed play by the coach I’m at a loss.
    What were his kids supposed to do for the last few minutes?

  5. “If you can’t pay the fine, don’t do the crime.”

    I hope they also suspend the little violator from school for a semester and make him ineligible for future athletics -“pour encourager les autres”.

  6. A last-string 5 year old gets a chance to score a touchdown and these pinheads think it ought to have been taken away from him? A coach’s duty to refrain from running up the score on a hapless beaten opponent surely ends at playing the bench all the way down and not making aggressive play calls. Throwing a play, as much as throwing a game, is simply poor sportsmanship and a further insult to the other team. What are these people teaching?


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