Mike Huckabee Has a Question Regarding Judge Who Ruled in Favor of Acosta

12 Comments on Mike Huckabee Has a Question Regarding Judge Who Ruled in Favor of Acosta

  1. Most of the judges I know would have “due processed” his punk ass to 30 days in the hole; …but, that’s just the judges I know.

  2. Excellent point. This view wasn’t well thought out at all.
    Like many judges appointed by republicans, he chose to appease the loudmouth’s.
    With all the judicial appointments coming we’ll be lucky to have 50% true to the constitution.

  3. Acosta is a narcissistic attention hound. Trump screwed up by suspending his credentials, giving Acosta all the attention he needs and then some.

    Let Acosta back in. NEVER call on him. NEVER acknowledge his presence. IGNORE the shithead. Call on the backward reporter from the Times Ledger Picayune Weekly Trader paper. That will make l’il Jimmy’s head explode.

    As for “due process,” I didn’t know a press briefing was a legal proceeding.

  4. Too bad that many judges feel they have been transformed into gods, when in truth they’re only political clowns first, thinkers not so often and gods never.

  5. I know Trump currently has the upper hand and can write the rules of decorum for press conferences, but he should still appeal this ridiculous opinion. Taking away Acosta’s hard pass does not bar him from applying for day passes–thus his “access” has not been revoked, just changed.

  6. Oh, c’mon … “judges” are politically-connected lawyers, for pete’s sake.
    They are the soul and substance of hypocrisy.
    99% of what they decree from the bench they wouldn’t allow in their own basements.

    When one of them frees an alien-invading rapist/murderer, you can bet your ass it’s not into HIS neighborhood!
    When one of them “rules” in favor of chaos and pandemonium, you can bet your ass it’s not in HIS courtroom! Nor in HIS Living Room!

    Huckabee knows this. As governor he appointed (or supported – I don’t know Arkansas Judiciary rules) plenty of hypocrites and maggots.
    But thanks for exposing the hypocrite so openly.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. The judge acted judiciously. A Trump-appointed judge deciding in favor of Trump? That would be no good. From any angle. I’m sure Trump appreciates this decision. And the judge has been spared the spectacle of some mostly peaceful NPC’s milling around outside his house.

  8. Trump was the actual winner here but this could come back to bite a conservative President later. In any case, instead of never calling on Acosta, the President should ONLY call on him, over and over and over. After he’s done that for 2 or 3 press conferences, Acosta’s fellow reporters WILL take care of the problem. If he survives, he’ll have an entirely different attitude towards making himself the story.

  9. Funny how we were brought up to believe in the wisdom of those put in judgement over the rest of us little people, and their ability to fairly weigh BOTH SIDES of the issue at hand, and arrive at a thoughtful decision.
    Seems that’s all bullshit too…

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