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Occasional Cortex Will Be the Gift That Keeps On Giving

Her district was always going to be a democrat, so it’s a blessing that she won because her idiocy is advocacy for avoiding leftwing millennial know-nothings in the future.

Here she is giving a civics lesson —>

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  1. She doesn’t know whut the 3 branches of government are?
    See, I told ya she wuz out of her tree!

  2. The Dems don’t care. The libs sites I look at all think she is great and want her to run as president.

  3. Any evidence for the “occasional” part of her name? Anyone? Anyone?

  4. I heard she can’t wait to do lunch with Phil Abuster. I’m no genius but I know a ditz when I hear one.

  5. she will be very easy for the illuminati to control
    and she has lots of handlers in the demon rat party to keep her in line

  6. The funniest part is her and her sycophantic twitter followers claim that we’re “scared of her.” They really believe that.

    Ordinarily when one is scared of someone, you would never laugh or poke fun of her. You’d be too afraid of what would happen to you if you did.

    But for some reason these idiots don’t seem to get that.

  7. Was it Boston College she supposedly graduated from? They should contact her and demand their diploma back. Clearly she didn’t learn anything.

  8. @Dianny,
    Funny you should mention that. It’s one of the best Democrat ploys ever. During presidential campaigns for example, the left puts it out there that they don’t want to run against a McCain or Romney. What does the RNC do? Yep, nominate a McCain or a Romney.

  9. Don’t let that Irwin Corey impression fool ya!
    She is playing to a … well … certain constituency not exactly known for its clear thinking.
    She appeals to those who don’t want to work … who won’t work … who drink and take narcotics … who are intellectually stunted … or grossly mal-educated (to be kind).
    The kind of people who would rather defecate in the bathtub than unstop the toilet – and then sue the landlord – or sue the sewer commission.

    There are millions – yes MILLIONS – who rally to the Swastika, to the Hammer and Sickle, to the Red Star. It takes them decades, if not generations, of being trod into the mud to finally waken to their plight. Those of New York, LA, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, Boston, DC, Atlanta, Memphis, &c., &c., &c. are no different; certainly no better than the misguided denizens of Berlin, London, Paris, Vichy, Moscow, Peking, Hanoi, Havana, Phnom Penh, Tirana, Caracas, &c., &c., &c.

    She’s evil, not stupid. The rambling ravings of an Austrian painter and those of a failed Seminary student were laughed at … for a while.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. If Marty Feldman had a daughter…..before the brain transplant.

  11. She also allegedly said the GOP is “salivating” over her mistakes. Surprising in that: 1. she’s right, and 2. I didn’t know she could properly use such a big word.

  12. Reminder: The Republican party does not select their presidential candidates. The DNC orchestrates selection of a Republican sure loser. The MSM dutifully falls in love with sure loser, tricking Republicans into falling for sure losers like Dole, McCain, and Romney. Ever heard of bait and switch? After Republican is nominated the MSM does all they can to destroy Republican candidate the MSM was previously in love with. Dole, McCain, Romney? YGBSM.

  13. I used to laugh at the movie “Idiocracy”. Now, not so much.

  14. We can all learn a lot from her…………about mental illness.

  15. Tim? Whats wrong with drinking and smoking a little weed? Thats my drink and smoke preference when playing golf. MAGA!

  16. Ranger76,
    Yo! nuffin, dude …… it’s like …y’know … shit, man …

  17. @KMM – Occasional mean “used only some for the time”. For example AOC said “…three chambers of government: the presidency, the Senate, and the House…” That doesn’t make sense unless she means: “…3 branches of government: executive, legislative, judicial…” and that is from any basic level government high school class. Thus the use of the word “Occasional”


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