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Millions Roll Into The Obama Foundation

Tax filings for The Barack Obama Foundation reported that the nonprofit took in about $232 million last year, primarily from just 13 unidentified contributors.  Flushed with money, top administrators of the Obama Foundation saw their salaries boosted into the upper six figures. More 

18 Comments on Millions Roll Into The Obama Foundation

  1. All that money and he’ll still pick out a lime green caddy with faux leopard interior.

    OK maybe arugula green caddy.

  2. Haven’t heard of a George W. Bush Foundation receiving grants like that, have you?

    Apparently only the progressives have figured out how to make money from perceived government service.

    I have a ministerial pension that pays me $ 176.00 per month.

  3. Obama will still have to come in the back door if he goes to one of Trumps Country Clubs. And he’ll wonder why on the way in people keep handing him their car keys.

  4. Now maybe he can spend some money regularly on Michelle getting her bathed and having the insect eggs combed out of her fur.

  5. Well it looks like some “woman” is collecting money to lumber for President when the others start to run.


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