Minnesota’s Somali $100 Million Daycare Fraud

A program meant to help the working poor seems to have been diverted in to a massive fraud by “dozens” of fake Muslim daycare centers in Minnesota. Most of these fake daycare facilities were owned by Somali Muslim immigrants. The fraud has been going on for years with a portion of the take being sent back to Somalia, most likely to fund terrorist groups in that region.

DNC Deputy Chair and House Representative from Minnesota, Keith Ellison stated his concern over the matter. Not that Somali’s were blatantly stealing from a program meant to assist the poor and most likely funding terrorist abroad, but that the investigation would have a detrimental effect on such government programs in the future.  More


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  1. If only all those misguided Union Civil War dead could have foreseen the future of the America they were dying for would become Keith Ellison, Maxine Waters, Spike Lee, Barack Obama.

    Grant, Sherman and the entire Union Army would have marched straight back to Washington and hung Abraham Lincoln from the White House balcony.

  2. All legal in the eyes of the religion of peace.

    Could have told you this would happen after Ellison was elected.

  3. Party loyalists grifting Party give aways?

    Are you racists finally ready to applaud their (amazingly fast) assimilation?

  4. The libs could care less, its only taxpayer money. If there upset at all it’s only because they didn’t get their cut.

  5. In-law drives school bus south of the twin cities. Had a somali day care on his pickup route. He could never figure out why there were never any kids there until I sent this to him yesterday.

  6. Well in fairness, they probably did use the money on the kids. Well, the girls anyway. Takes money to do so many feminine genital mutilations.

  7. The whole “refugee” program is a huge scam to import as many anti-American Muslims into the country . It needs to stop now and all these assholes deported. And those responsible tried, convicted and executed (not necessarily in that order ).

  8. The Somalis are the soldier insects. The Saudis are the “Queens”.
    All others are workers.

  9. Know anyone in Minnesota? This is a summarized exchange posted by a fb friend;
    Yesterday, I had long social media conversations with two Somali Muslim gentlemen from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I asked them about their goals for improving Minnesota and how they feel about being an American. I also asked them about the million dollar upgrade at Cedar Riverside public housing that Mayor Jacob Frey promised its majority Somali residents this week. After I was called a racist, a fascist, a bigot, stupid and old, here’s what else they shared with me. Nearly verbatim. Thoughts?

    “Get with the program, miss. We are here to stay. We never left our Somali heritage or culture. That’s what America is missing. Please stop forcing us to your ways. You’re old and have very old ideas. Get with the program. I’m trying to have my son to be the first Muslim black governor of the state of Minnesota in next 20 years. He’s gonna run as a Democrat. Oh, and on those upgrades at Cedar Riverside. They better give us those upgrades and changes if the Mayor wants to earn our votes. Or else we can always get another Mayor next time around. You see how being an American works? I told you lady please get with the program because Somalis are the latest addition to black folks.”

    “Why should we assimilate? Do you know how stupid you sound? Guess what? We’re here to stay and will transform America for the better. Get that through your thick, ignorant skull. You need to see a doctor. It’s inevitable that Somalis will be taking over and there isn’t anything you can do about it. Again, what’s wrong with Somalis taking over? It is inevitable! This land doesn’t belong to either of us. It is our time to populate it and rule it. Go back to Europe or wherever you’re from if you don’t like it.”

    I’d like to know who is teaching these young men to think this way. Who are the leaders in the Somali Muslim community pushing for the takeover of America? These boys didn’t come up with this themselves. They were taught. This must stop.

    Here’s another important conversation from today:

    Q: Peggy, politics aside, Cedar Riverside needs an upgrade for Humanitarian reasons. Somali Leaders Bihi and Fafumo Yousef, in good faith, asked the GOP for help in deradicalizing youth. Will you contact and support them? #MinnesotaLibertyAlliance

    A: What do you mean the Somali leaders need help “deradicalizing” Somali youth? How is SPENDING ONE MILLION DOLLARS TO put up a 6 foot fence around Cedar Riverside and security cameras going to help “deradicalize” Somali youth? President Obama brought Abdi Warsame here to bring would-be terrorist boys to Minnesota so we could “reprogram” them with Minnesota nice guinea pigs. Part of his “Countering Violent Extremism” Program (CVE). IT DIDN’T WORK. So, Minneapolis taxpayers are GOING TO PAY ONE MILLION DOLLARS MORE to keep violent Somali youth from attacking older Somalis at Cedar Riverside? What the heck is going on? I’m sorry the elders fear their own radicalized youth but this is not a fix to a larger problem. We need to STOP THE PEOPLE WHO ARE RADICALIZING THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    I’ve seen and saved the screenshots of the exchanges. I thought they were made public, but I had that wrong.

  10. Minnesota, they have given the country Al Franken, Keith Ellison and Jesse the Body whatever. I moved way in 98 and have not looked back.

    The funny thing is this tidal wave of Somalis is a direct result of captain shitacular aka Obama. Which makes this a tidal wave of shit that is going to swamp Mpls and other cites. They voted for captain shitacular and now they are going to drown in the undertow of of his shit wave. (thanks to Mr. Lahey for the shitisms).

  11. I can send the screenshots in. I’ll do it by tomorrow. right now, I’m looking at curling up and sleeping as long as I want – a real luxury.


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