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Minnesota’s Woman of the Year According to USA Today

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USA Today has named Minnesota state Rep. Leigh Finke as its “Women of the Year” honoree for the state of Minnesota — but Finke, who identifies as a transgender, is a biological man.

Finke, who entered office in early January after winning election in November 2022, is the first transgender individual elected to the Minnesota state legislature. Recognize

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  1. Went back and clicked the “Recognize” link.

    Warning! Warning! Warning! Do not do the same without a barf bag at the ready.

    Damn few look like a woman, let alone good looking period.

  2. joe6pak MARCH 21, 2023 AT 3:18 PM

    Believe “Feminists” are libs by nature and can NEVER go against the woke/lib philosophy.

    Sad when you’re required to load the ammunition for your own firing squad. Maybe load ALL as hot with NO blanks included in the mix.

  3. is this on their local news?
    I wonder how this is received in their numerous muslim communities
    ilhan omar should be cornered for comment
    I don’t understand why real women don’t go on strike or something
    they organized for the vote and prohibition
    just say nope

  4. BG MARCH 21, 2023 AT 3:22 PM
    How would you like to have that ugly pervert follow your wife/daughter/granddaughter’s into the ladies bathroom ?

    If’n I was there to see it, I’m thinking I’d be right behind him and questionable on both of us remaining ambulatory.

  5. Minnesota used to have a reputation as leading the healthiest lifestyle in the country, yet how can you explain this without invoking vast quantities of mind altering substamces?

    Like the old prospector said: When “she” starts to look good its time to go back into town.

  6. We need a contest to rework Garrison Keillor’s famous adage,

    “Welcome to Lake Wobegon, where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average.”


    “Welcome to Lake Ballsbegone, where all the women have Adam’s Apples, the men sit when they pee, and the kids grow up abnormal.”

  7. Lead with my values. Tranny (and related queers and the wokesters) ‘values’ come down to this: I want what I want and to hell with everything else in its entirety. I am the supreme being. I. Me. Mine. Nothing beyond that.

  8. We had one at work get the surgery. He was 50 years old, 6 feet tall, bow legged with size 13 feet. He couldn’t fool a five year old kid into thinking he was a woman (literally). When he came back after the operation he started wearing hot pants, miniskirts, tube tops/halters to work. They had to pull him aside and tell him there’s a dress code, we don’t even let real women dress like that. Of course they were too scared to fire him, he ended up being bounced from one department to another.

  9. That ugly pervert wouldn’t fool Ray Charles.
    USA Today! Embrace the SUCK!

    No such thing as a “transgender” anything – man, woman, or goat.

    Sick fucking perverted psychotics who aren’t getting the treatment they so desperately need.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  10. I am “Woman” means nothing anymore. I don’t hear their great big roar. a bulge to big to ignore and i know they’ll keep on playing the charade and pretend.


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