Biden’s Wimpiness Creating New Alliances of Old Enemies – IOTW Report

Biden’s Wimpiness Creating New Alliances of Old Enemies

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Indeed, perhaps the key accomplishment of Biden and his friends in Europe, has been to put huge sanctions on Russia.  This has removed Russia as a trading, commercial, and resource partner for Europe, meaning the Russians have little to protect in Europe by way of investments and supplier and trade agreements. Even more critically, Russia has reoriented its economy to China and India, which together are well over 2.2 billion people (not counting Russia which adds another 150 million).  Russia is strong on raw materials, including natural gas and petroleum, important minerals such as titanium, agriculture, especially wheat, and military technology, including rockets and nuclear.  What Russia does not have is semiconductor technology, but China does.

A second major consequence of US and EU sanctions on Russia is that Russia’s strategic partnership with China has now expanded, and will continue to grow.  This is a challenge to the United States which saw itself as the world’s Hegemon, as the sole Super Power.  Whether this was ever true is open to doubt, but in the minds of Washington’s policy-makers, it was indelibly implanted.  It still is, but now it is demonstrably not true. More