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Missing VA Resident Found 1 Month Later Decomposing In Stairway

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The Bedford VA hospital in Massachusetts violated federal law by failing to properly search for a missing 62-year-old Army veteran, whose decomposing body wasn’t found until a month after his disappearance in an emergency stairwell just 60 feet from the door of his residential room at the facility.  

A new 45-page report released last week by the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General states that the body of Tim White was found on June 12, 2020, by another resident in an emergency exit stairwell at Bedford Veterans Quarters (BVQ), an independent-living facility privately operated by Caritas Communities Inc., an organization that provides services for homeless people. More

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  1. And yet they can make a high school kid wear an ankle bracelet to track where they’re taking their un-Covid-vaccine’d behind to!

    How much “tragedy” and “mistakes” will we all stand for before this thing erupts?

  2. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Anyone who designs a stairwell that can trap someone inside should be prosecuted. What a horrible way to die.

  3. If my brother in Seattle could smell something awful lurking behind his walls surely these people should’ve smelled the dead body of this lost veteran. When my brother finally found out where the stink was coming from and cut a hole in his wall he found a dead possum all covered with maggots and stinking to high heaven in his walls. Needless to say it was gross beyond belief.

  4. I did quite a bit of telephone work at Walter Reed in the late 90s, early 2000s. The place was a seething shithole.

    Reed is a DOD operation, not VA, so you can imagine how bad the VA shit is. I did work in VA facilities, too. They were worse than seething shitholes.

  5. Audit all billables submitted under his name. I’m betting PT/OT/ST were still being charged while he was gone.

    And likely vital signs were still being charted.

  6. This is what happens to many of us Vets, far to many homeless drug dependent and despondent.

    Far to many suicides, most don’t understand that it’s not just the horror we have seen but it’s the guilt of surviving that really gets to us. Imagine being responsible for ordering men to their deaths but surviving yourself.u

    That is why this deliberatly evil Afghanistan withdrawal has affected us.

    Milley was actually a good Soldier once but got completely corrupted, Austin has alwats been a shithead promoted for his race, not his talents.

    One of our greatest fears is to be left behind to be captured by our enemies. That’s why our credo is so strong about this.

    To see it so willingly violated and couple it with survivors guilt you can see why the hotline is melting down.

    The Legion, DAV, and VFW are maxing out their outreach. It certainly helps as well as the many other ancillary veterans groups

    There is simply nothing evil enough for this current administration. That is why we are in the shitter after just 8 months of the puppet Pedo.

    Deep inside every vet is a love for this country to see her falter like this is also killing us.

    It’s just a hard time to be a vet because we know these evil badstards truly hate us and are out to get us.

    They revel in harming this nation and all who love her.

    Satan is truly manifesting on earth now.

    I appreciate IOTW as it’s a forum for us to know we are not alone.

  7. My brother said under Trump the VA was getting so much better.
    He says now they’re going backwards fast.

    Very sad.
    The Biden puppet masters already have an entire military base set up to feed, house and give medical checks to unwanted possible terrorists. The VA? Can’t even bother looking for a lost patient or smell decay.

  8. Ummmmm… a RESIDENTIAL facility for the homeless…. not defending the va here but wouldn’t you think that a vet suffering from ptsd, alcoholism, drug abuse or any other malady who have found themselves homeless and end up in such a facility might come and go at will? Stench of putrefaction not withstanding.


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