Mom Who Drank 6 Energy Drinks a Day Had a Pacemaker Fitted at Age 32

Epoch Times:

One woman has a warning for others: never become addicted to energy drinks—it may cost you your health. She learned this from experience after her health scare.

Samantha Sharpe, 33, from Leicester, United Kingdom, is a working mom of three children, and to keep herself going, she began drinking energy drinks—a lot of them, even up to six a day.

All that sugar and caffeine from the energy drinks soon started to take a toll on her health. Although the concoction would keep her going, a blood sugar crash would occur, her heart would begin racing, and then she would feel tired, which had her reaching for another energy fix. “The drinks made my heart beat faster, which would cause palpitations, then after I would crash when I needed another one, causing my heart rate to drop to 20 beats per minute,” she told

“It would give me headaches, I’d be grumpy, and I’d need another one to keep me going,” she further added. In 2014, Sharpe was working as a cleaner and trying to care for her family, which made it really tough.

“I have three children and I work, so it was daily life that pushed me to drinking the energy drinks,” she said. “I work in the evenings so it got me through the day. It woke me up and got me a bit hyper.” more here

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  1. Moderation in all things, you live longer.
    One coffee and a couple of soda pops a day is plenty.
    But we are free people accept in liberal controled countries, States and citys.

  2. @grool

    I didn’t know sitting in a tattoo/piercing parlor all day was now considered “work”.

  3. @Look,

    It’s England, which is now a completely alternate reality where no normal rule needs apply.

  4. I drank Red Bull once and only once while driving. It helped me at first but about 5 hrs. later when I started to crash from its effects I was driving with the windows wide open, the radio going warp factor 5 and constantly shaking my head just to stay awake. Fortunately I made it back but never again will I drink Red Bull or any other energy drink, the damn stuff is liquid Speed. And the taste is nasty with one hell of a kick.

  5. I suspect there may have been more than energy drinks and 3 children involved in her lifestyle that caused the problem.

  6. OK, I’m in a convenience store in Paso Wa about ten years back and in line to check out. In front of me are four Mexican roofers. I had seen their truck parked out front. Each has an energy drink and the first one in line picks up two of those little Five Hour Energy, I think they are called. He pays, and number two steps up and grabs two Five Hour Energy and is in the process of checking out and number one pops the top and takes a long pull from the energy drink, screws the top off one Five Hour Energy and pours it in the energy drink then opens the second Five Hour Energy and pours it in and proceeds to down his morning cocktail. Number three repeats the purchase while number two follows the lead of number one and I am absolutely stupefied standing there watching this go down. The process repeats until all four are all fueled up and ready for the day. Talk about putting a tiger in your tank!

    FWIW, I won a free six pack of Jeff Gordon Energy Drinks about the same year at a sprint car race and had drank one and couldn’t sleep until nine the next morning.

    By the way, a 22 year old kid who worked at our Costco was drinking something like six a day and had a heart attack and nearly died.

  7. After finally cutting out all soda, coffee, most all sugar, and processed foods, and started eating more balanced meals including breakfast I always skipped, it’s very rare I suffer from those gosh darn migraines (with palpitations). I’ve had only 2 or 3 in the past 6 years, where I used to have 2 or 3 per week. It was a tough lesson to teach myself how to listen to my body. Doctors gave me medication to treat migraines that made it worse and not once suggested diet was the cause. Even though I knew for quite a while it was my diet, I didn’t have the self discipline to do anything about it. Sugar and caffeine are absolutely brutal to my body, especially when combined with crap processed foods. I just didn’t realize how bad until I took real action.

  8. Here’s another story, just about as good.

    I’m in college and sleeping hard in my basement bedroom. My mom was supposed to be in Montana visiting her sister and I am woken up by a vacuum cleaner at 03:00, so I goes upstairs to have a look see WTF is going on.

    My girlfriend worked at the bookstore and they gave out these “welcome packs” that had toothpaste, tampons in the girl ones and pink razors, blue razors in the boy ones and in both some of those no sleep pills. The manager gave freshmen a week to pick them up then told her to shit can the rest.

    She took twenty five or so girl ones home and I took fifty or so boy ones home and had shave cream in shorty cans, a hundred fifty razors, and being the cheap bastard I am, who doesn’t throw anything away put the no sleep pills in a mason jar. Might come in handy for something, can’t use em’ myself, but ya never know when I might find a use for them.

    Well, mom decides that a few in the glovebox of her Jetta might not be a bad idea too. So she is driving home and long about Vantage is feeling plumb tuckered out and thinking of getting a room in Ellensburg when she remembers she has those California Turnarounds handy and pulls into the gas station at Kittitas and buys a cup o joe, downs a couple of her special “medication” and chases them with a sip of coffee. She is motoring along sipping her coffee and by the time she cleared Ellensburg she was wide awake and said she could have carried the car over the pass on her back. When she got home she went through two weeks of mail, vacuumed and dusted the house and started in on her stack of news papers about noon when she crashed. I got home from school and she was sleeping like a baby, I got up for school the following morning and had to check her for a pulse. Got home from school and she was just crawling out of bed.

    I ask her what the hell? And she told me this story.

  9. ecp, I stopped drinking pop about a year ago and feel so much better. I do drink coffee and tea, but it’s so watered down, my brother calls it brown water! Also, cut out as much carbs as I can which has also helped me feeling better than I have in years. Balanced and smart diets are crucial for our well-being.

    My sister, a registered dietician, used to work with cardiac rehab patients. When we moved to MI, she decided that she would not continue with her work because she could not ‘toe the line’ with what the government puts out as propaganda for what they call “proper diets”. She said the food pyramid should be practically inverted (except sweets should be lumped in with bread/starch as the least consumed section). Protein (meat and dairy) should be consumed the most, along with certain vegetables, nuts, and a smaller amount of fruit. Basically, a Keto-like diet is recommended.

  10. Anybody remember Up Your Gas from back in the early 90s? It had that stuff that got banned, ephedra? I never had any bad effects from it, and it worked. Sometimes I think I could use it now but then the people that allegedly killed would have said they were fine too.

  11. Why do stupid people who do stupid things think they need to warn non-stupid people not to do stupid things? Who is this warning for? Stupid people never heed warnings and smart people don’t need to be cautioned against doing something so stupid.

    Seriously, it’s like the morons on the Nextdoor Neighborhood email who leave valuables in their car to be stolen then write a warning to others not to leave valuables in their cars. Derp. Who leaves anything of value in a car in California where stealing isn’t even considered a crime anymore and hordes of drug addicted mentally ill criminals roam the city streets with impunity.

  12. Stupid people only rarely realize that they are stupid, and even then never comprehend the full extent of it.

  13. @Claudia, yep that’s how it all started for me, a hybrid keto diet. I went to an organics store and bought the highest quality food, about 400 bucks lasted me a week. It was over the top at first but it kicked me in the ass to figure things out. I consume a lot of fermented foods and natural foods, and very little carbs nowadays. It’s harder for me to keep on weight, sometimes I eat 5 times a day yet the weight keeps falling off. I was down to 135 lbs for a bit, at 6’2″ it’s kinda scary. Right now I’m comfortable at 152 lbs, but really want to be back to my normal 170. However, I’ll trade that for no migraines any day.

  14. I gotta cut back 250 Mg a day from
    1 12 oz Red Bull 1 unsweetened black tea bottle
    1 20 oz Mountain Dew.

  15. “… it was daily life that pushed me …”

    Oh, fukkin please … “pushed” you? Like it “pushed” you into tats and mercurochrome hair dye?

    You did stupid shit and there was a rebound. “Life” didn’t to any-fukkin-thing to you. You did to yourself.

    Yeah, daily life “pushed” me to drink …

    izlamo delenda est …

  16. @DrRiff (at 12:14 pm): I’ve been trying to get off sarcasm for decades, but somehow I just can’t kick the habit.

    It seems I’ve got a snarky on my back.


  17. Sugar is addictive, (more addictive than cocaine according to John Yudkin, author of “Pure, White, and Deadly). Processed foods producers know that, and put sugar in everything: from cereal, to spaghetti sauce, to salad dressing.

    They do research with the goal to find the “sweet spot” of sugar content in every food they sell. “The Goldilocks” just right level. Sweet enough to make you want to buy more, but not so sweet that you’ll buy less. (and of course they hide the sugar content by using different names for sugar. 61 different names according to Sugar Science at UCSF – hidden-in-plain-sight)

    But they appear to be overdoing it a bit. I suspect they will use the feedback, reduce the sugar content in the future to the level addictive to the maximum number of people. .

  18. 1. A pushy nut who befriended me in a Psych class on child abuse was on a 6 pack a day of that crap . Screwier than all I ever encountered. BTW, she was almost finished with her degree in social work.

    2. As a child of nearly 12, the docs put me on amphetamines, iodine, and, because I was a hyper kid from the amphetamines, they added Valium. Then they added Enavid because my female plumbing got discombobulated. This cocktail of the ‘60s was ordered until I was nearly 20. I don’t trust most medicine or anything that alters my normal biology.

  19. I wanna start a GoFundMe to buy her 4 more tattoos: arrows on her chest and on each shoulder pointing up that say “I’m with Stupid” and a tramp stamp arrow pointing down that says “Kick my stupid ass out of your way”
    That oughta do it.

  20. Just say no to the x-ose. .

    Gee, Wally, don’t you think that Dunning–Kruger effect that TN Tuxedo guy mentioned , sure describes a lot of our politicians, too. That Jerry Nadler guy is a prime example. AOC + 3 + Jerry.

    ” the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people mistakenly assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is. It is related to the cognitive bias of illusory superiority and comes from the inability of people to recognize their lack of ability. Without the self-awareness of metacognition, people cannot objectively evaluate their competence or incompetence….the cognitive bias of illusory superiority results from an internal illusion in people of low ability and from an external mis-perception in people of high ability; ” .


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