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Monkey Girl Story Sounded Ridiculous – And It Was

A couple of days ago there was a story going around about a girl that was found in the woods in India who was purportedly living with the monkeys.

Ya, okay. She was the weird monkey that they put up with, the one that couldn’t climb trees and swing from limb to limb.

Turns out the story is pretty much what any reasonable person would have suspected. She was dumped in the woods by her family because she wasn’t quite right.


A young girl raised by monkeys in the forests of India. Too strange to be true? Apparently yes. Earlier this week, stories of the “Mowgli Girl” spread across the world. Rangers claimed they found the girl—about 8 years old, naked, crawling on all fours, and screeching—living with monkeys deep in a forest in January. Authorities and doctors now say the girl is mentally and physically disabled and had likely been abandoned in the forest by her family at most a few days before she was found, the Guardian reports.

The girl, who was actually found on the side of a road in the forest, has been improving quickly in the hospital—a sign she had been living with humans until recently. The Independent reports she is now walking and standing upright and eating solid food. While she’s still unable to speak, doctors say more 

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  11. This story is similar to one several years ago in the US. A monkey was found living among humans in Chicago. They taught him to walk upright, eat like a human and talk. After years he became a community organizer and later president. However, he still likes to throw shit at people.

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