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YouTube Takes Down Popular Channel That Makes Parodies of Islam

The future does not belong to those that slander Islam.

Sye Ten has made some of the best political animations on Youtube, which happen to be scathing rebukes of authentic Islam. That’s not a subject that YouTube seems to enjoy.

The channel has been taken down, but many fans (and thieves) mirror the uploads in case of a take down, so we have the links below.

The quick story-

His first violation had nothing to do with Islam. It was an animation of Milo where he depicted (for about 6 seconds) a cartoon of a young boy doing something that looked like something that might not be the best subject matter for YouTube. Understandably, he was sent to the gulag for a short spell.

Violation Two was for a video called Flinging Faggots Off a Roof . Great tune, nicely sung, and way too much truth for YouTube to handle.

When that suspension was over he uploaded another video and his channel was gone within hours. It wasn’t, however, for his latest upload. Youtube went into his archives and suspended him for Let’s Play Truck of Peace.

You can read the whole story HERE.

Bonus video – Join Islam

14 Comments on YouTube Takes Down Popular Channel That Makes Parodies of Islam

  1. YouTube is an extension of liberal media and they operate with smegma breath.

  2. whats the difference between the truck of peace video and the game from 20 years ago carmageddon?

    and then there was at the same time that one came out another called Postal.

    oh, and even before those there was one call intifada

    i don’t get it, played them all, got bored and moved on. oh, now i get it, I’m sane and they’re not.

    aint sanity great! make sanity great again! HELLO!
    ok never mind. lol

  3. UTube = Liberal stupidity given a license to spread stupidity.

  4. Carmagedden, LOL. Howabout Postal.

    Let’s just Quake their asses and be over it.

  5. Anyone who can pay homage to Dr. Tom Lehrer’s “Poisoning Pigeons in the Park” with such aplomb is alright in my book.

  6. No sense of humor or perhaps no sense at all. Every culture has to learn to look at itself in order to grow and change — oh Islam = no change (or no chance).

  7. Terms of service include to never pull back the curtain.

  8. I just read that Tom Lehrer is still alive, he’s 89 now and living in California. He gave up doing comedy a long time ago perhaps sensing the coming of political correctness. He and Mark Russell, Firesign Theater, Stan Freberg etc. would probably be banned from most college campuses today as too controversial. And it might even include the Late George Carlin.

  9. @geoff the aardvark: Tom Lehrer is like a god to me. He was doing politically incorrect material during the McCarthy era, when everybody else was scared to death to produce anything satirical for fear of being accused of being a Communist, or worse. Before the term “political correctness” even existed.

    His material doesn’t carry the same shock value today as it once did, but there was a time when some music stores kept his records under the counter, available only on request. He was a groundbreaker, and subsequent comedians, including George Carlin, owed him a lot.

    P.S. – I blame Tom Lehrer, among others, for my warped sense of humor. You gotta take the thorns with the roses, I guess.


  10. For me it was old Mad magazines from the 50’s thru the 70’s, Stan Freberg and Jean Shepherd, Tom Lehrer, The Marx brothers, Firesign Theater, Loonie Tunes, Rocky and Bullwinkle etc. that all contributed to having a sense of good humor. And of course Monty Python in the 70’s as well as Peter Sellers. One of the first records that I bought was Tom Lehrer’s album that had Vatican Rag and Poisoning Pigeons In The Park on it, I wish I still had it.

    h I still had it.

  11. It might be best not to make a cause celebre out of this guy. If you read his tirade about being disciplined by YouTube for a picture suggesting pedophilia, you’ll see that he is about as far left on the sexual anarchy scale as a human being can get.

  12. @geoff the aardvark: Those two songs were actually on different albums (assuming you didn’t have some patchwork “Best of”-type collection that some outfit pieced together). PPITP was on More of Tom Lehrer and Vatican Rag was on That Was the Year That Was.
    You can pick them up pretty cheap on eBay, along with Lehrer’s first album, Songs by Tom Lehrer. Vinyl records sound better, of course, but you can get them on CD if you don’t have a record player.

    NOTE: Be sure to get the original albums with just Lehrer and his piano, not the ones recorded with a live audience. Here’s what the album covers look like, for your reference:

  13. When it comes to TV news they’re mostly leftist news channelsand then they tell us if you don’t like it just turned the channel they were supposed to accept that well when it comes to videos there are thousands and thousands of videos to watch if you don’t like the video look at another one you two had no right to take it down

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