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Monkeypox Song

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  1. Fact is and recently exposed by credible virologists is that Biden is taking sneaky and covert “steps” to introduce yet another plandemic, THIS TIME bu initiating “monkeypox”. First, he targets a mild disease and promotes it as dangerous. Second, call a bogus “national emergency”. Next, introduce yet another toxic vaxx to falsely (again) “save lives”, an so-called HIV “cure” drug developed by the Chinese communists at WUHAN INSTITUTES OF VIROLOGY and NIH. Third, keep in secret that the fake “monkeypox vaxx” has the fatal HIV disease features. Forth, set loose upon communities the now-vaxxed with the virus which causes AIDS the gays and bi-sekuals who submitted to it to spread HIV around, thereby making more profits for Biden and phake pharma with MORE bogus “cures” and meds. Add the fact there is NO workable “HIV cure vaccine”. All lies issued by phake pharma, CCP, Fauci, and collaborators.

  2. They catch Pridepox by acting like chimps in a Revlon cosmetic lab throwing scat at each other.

  3. Reminds me of another song which lends itself to Joe Biden: ‘THERE WAS A CROOKED MAN’—-

    “Don’t let the rain come down,
    oh no don’t let the rain come down,
    My roof’s (head) got a hole in it and I might drown.
    oh yes my roof (head) has a hole in it and I might da–rown.”

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