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Apparently, the blonde-haired Italian had his pepperoni falling out of his shorts and by covering up he couldn’t swing his arms properly and came in last. Ummm, arrived last.

I’m not seeing it. But I’m not really looking.

ht/ tony r

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  1. This decathlon featured an escape from his “pole vault” and a schlong jump.

  2. Sign of the times I guess but it doesn’t mention if it was a mens or woman’s race.

  3. In lane one is the Polish Sausage, lane two the Brat, lane three the Italian Sausage, lane four we have Patty Sausage (the American tranny), lane five is Andy Andouille, and finally in lane six is Frank Furter.

    Hold on to your jock straps folks this could be a photo finish. One of these racers will finish a “head” of the rest.

  4. Being a long time running competitor, don’t you think he would know how to effectively tuck himself in prior to the race?

  5. There’s a swinging dick joke in there somewhere.

  6. Geoff – “…did the chicken hot dog chicken out?…”

    Yeah, the competition was too stiff for him. He had no dog in him, he’s just a chicken shit.

  7. I’ve had really good luck with duct tape.

  8. I read he had eighteen women wanting to date him after the race. One was Rachael Levine elbowing her way to the front.


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