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Montana ranchers’ border watch

CanadaFreePress […] Yet, there is always hope when even a handful of people like the 100 or so ranchers and farmers in Montana don’t just talk about doing the right thing, but continue to DO the right thing, ignoring the risk of being branded bigots and xenophobes.

In essence, millions look to their governments for protection against Islamic terrorists, but get it from unorganized patriots.

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3 Comments on Montana ranchers’ border watch

  1. All those North Border guys are bad ass. They are used to shooting 600 yards plus and always packing a Remington 700 with a Telescope on it. My moneys on the ranchers.

  2. The citizens can do a better job than the government that is supposed to be serving them but only serves itself.
    And the People do it without all the corruption and federal greed of the power-hungry tyrants.

    Some of my favorite places are in Montana near the Canadian border. I had a tire blow out on a sharp rock in the Flathead National Forrest one day and everybody who came down that remote rocky road stopped to ask me if I needed any help. Every one of them were carrying firearms too. It’s open carry everywhere around there, mainly because of the grizzlies and mountain lions. Not a very nice place for jihadis, they would be the easiest prey up there.

    I’ll be moving up there one day. Hopefully while I’m still alive.

    God Bless America!

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