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Mormon Cricket Smoothy

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Authorities in Nevada are warning drivers to be cautious after Mormon cricket “sludge” caused several crashes over the weekend. 

The icky combination of recent rain and mashed Mormon crickets run over by cars and trucks created a slippery muck over roads and led to two crashes involving three semi-trucks on Interstate 80, the Eureka County Sheriff’s Office said. No serious injuries were reported, a sheriff’s spokesperson said.

The sheriff’s office, as well as fire, emergency services and Nevada State Police, responded to the multiple crashes Saturday and warned vehicles to slow down as the unsavory mixture made “roadways EXTREMELY slick and unpredictable for stopping distance.” More

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  1. My daughter tells me that the cicadas are quite thick and all over the place in the Nashville area right now. She had a big cicada land on her windshield on her way home from work last and freak her out. I told her to turn her windshield wipers on and squish it, but it flew away.

  2. They just had an outbreak a couple years ago.
    The shit ain’t funny.
    I was working at my dad’s service station and tire store in Rudyard Montana in 1976 when there was a grasshopper infestation. Plugged up radiators and burned up people’s cars, caused accidents and cut every stalk of wheat to the root.

  3. In the 90’s when I worked for a courier company one of our drivers drove into a massive grasshopper infestation out by Sprague Lake about 30 miles W. of Spokane on I-90. When he got back his windshield was completely covered in a thick smear of dead grasshoppers. It was a very stinky, gross mess cleaning that windshield after he got back.

  4. @ geoff the aardvark WEDNESDAY, 29 MAY 2024, 17:50 AT 5:50 PM

    Hoppers are pretty thick every summer up on the highline. Driving into a swarm of them completely makes it impossible to see a thing through the windscreen. We used to put screen door fabric in front of the radiator and kept flats of hot Coke Cola sitting next to the wringer washer full of chamois that we used to clean the glass. Shake up the cola and spray it on then let it sit while you check the fluids then use a squeegee followed by chamois. There was one way to clean a windshield and any deviation from the approved method was no bueno. My grandfather was the same, I think that is where he learned it.


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