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What A Concert

Now that’s a concert I would have loved to attend!

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  1. Can recall that what inspired Knopfler was a visit to Tower Records in Downtown NYC . He had overheard 2 deliverymen describing the rock band appearing on the showroom TV … “That ain’t workin’ that’s the way you do it” .

  2. Wait, what?
    He said “maggot”, not “faggot”.
    Too bad – He succumbed to the woke mob.
    I’ll keep listening to the original.
    And by the way – they had Sting sing backup on the original because he sounded like a…..faggot.

  3. Knopfler also assembled another group of “Guitar Heros” for his instrumental Going Home. It’s to benefit a Children’s Cancer Charity in the UK and it’s new !

  4. Who is that mystery tambourine player who shows up so many music videos? He always gets a camera shot or two… must be somebody or he’s somebody who knows somebody.

  5. Wild Bill, I was about to comment about the collaboration with Chet Atkins. We used to have a weekly or nightly post here where we would send BFH a link to a song and he would post without listening and get feedback from others. I submitted “Why Worry,” written by MK and done with Chet and Everlys. I think was well received then.
    I have read that MK is left handed, but was given a right handed guitar to learn on in his teens.

  6. Let’s face facts, we grew up in the best music era.

    Just think of the guitar gods that we’ve lost over the years.
    Gary Richrath of REO
    Eddie Van Halen
    Steve Clark of Def Leppard
    Jimmy Hendrix
    Tom Petty
    Jimmy Buffett (Songwriting)

    I just wish one of those could have symbiotically transferred their talent to me when they passed.
    RIP to greatness.

  7. FYI, this tidbit about Steve Clark’s death:

    Weeks prior to his death, Clark was found unconscious inside a bar in Minneapolis and was rushed to Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center. His bandmates all subsequently flew to Minneapolis to be with him. There, a doctor urged them to convince Clark to enter rehab after he registered a blood alcohol level of 0.59%. By contrast, Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham had registered a blood alcohol level of 0.41% when he died in 1980.

    0.59% !!!


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