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Morning Joe’s Worst Fear


Co-host Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski brought Vanity Fair writer Gabriel Sherman to discuss his article, “Inside the Terrifyingly Competent Trump 2024 Campaign,” which was published Thursday on the magazine’s website, to discuss Trump’s third run for the White House. Sherman noted that the stakes for Trump were high. More

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  1. BULL SHIT. There’s a bunch of people afraid of going to jail, and most of them are in the current administration. These people are either trying to sell this bull shit theory or are stone cold stupid.

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  3. “As I write in the piece, his freedom is at stake, really, the only thing that is guaranteed to keep Donald Trump out of jail is becoming the next president of the United States…”

    I stopped reading after that. If this is the best this journo can do, after his ostensible research, then he has nothing to offer beyond fever dreams and stale conventional leftist knowledge.

  4. The sad/scary thing is, even though they have a relatively small audience, they’re loyal as hell. And the only spin they get is Morning Blow. The ex Republican. So of course he’s going to tell you the truth. Secondly, I don’t take advice from young whipper snappers that don’t appear to be smart enough to answer my phones at work. Benito the Bandito is exactly right. Trump’s compromised their sanity. Which was sketchy to begin with. Glee club didn’t work out so they became journalists. Cough, sputter.

  5. Trump compromised their sanity.
    Answered with a sock in his mouth. Enjoy his silence, we do.
    All & any delays denied, April 15th trial start of jury selection. Hell who needs a jury?
    Guilty on all counts. Lock him up.


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