Moron CBS Reporter Scratches Up Classic Cars During Rude and Idiotic Segment


A local CBS reporter in California was apparently fired after he — during a live news segment — climbed atop classic, privately-owned cars, even seemingly damaging one of them in the process.

Angel Cardenas, a correspondent with KMAX-TV’s “Good Morning Sacramento,” was on air Sunday at the Sacramento International Auto Show, a weekend-long event at Cal Expo that was about to begin its final day.

Someone who caught the segment on air, Adam Copeland, posted a clip of it to Facebook, as he has “never seen such a disregard to someone else’s vehicle.”


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44 Comments on Moron CBS Reporter Scratches Up Classic Cars During Rude and Idiotic Segment

  1. Here he had a dream job. All he had to do was show hatred for America and Republicans to rise up and become the next Upchuck Todd or Fake Tapper, but he couldn’t do it.

  2. Many 3rd world pos’es like him
    have no concept of respect for other
    peoples property.It cost a small fortune
    to maintain,transport and show these classics.
    A living piece of American history.

  3. He was fired for that stunt. Hopefully other TV stations will pass on hiring this aged juvenile delinquent for an on-air job.

  4. The older I’ve gotten I’ve realized the term ‘Bitch Slapped’ applies more to men than women. This Bitch should have been slapped unconscious and was rightfully unemployed,,,
    Wasn’t that Cenk from the YT?

  5. If men cared more about the science and climate, than they do about cars and raping womyn, this could be a beautiful planet to live in.

  6. … it’s called ‘respect’. you don’t have respect for someone else’s property, you probably don’t have respect for anything else … including wymyns

  7. this is what people do when they think no one is looking. Except this asshat. Son of a bitch. Yah, do that around an owner and he will be speaking in high tenor the rest of his miserable life.

  8. Teach this know nothing how difficult it is to get a flawless glossy finish on his own coffin. Those who have never sweat over creating a thing of beauty don’t appreciate the effort and painstaking detail involved. The hours spent. The pride of accomplishment.

    This dude doesn’t have any more focus than to polish his own knob. And he’s hoping to outsource it.

  9. Imagine how much money, time, research and pride goes into those classic cars in the first segment! What the hell is wrong with this idiot?! The owners of these cars are sharing history. This guy could care less to destroy it for his one-minute news segment.
    Unbelievable how stupid.

  10. Funny, today I was listening to a speech given by Micheal Knowles at one of the campuses. It was about why millenials are so stressed out and unhappy (and mean). Knowles talked about how these people view adulthood as optional and actually have a word for when they are (trying) to act grownup: “adulting” The operative word is “acting” grownup. They don’t really want to live the life of an adult, but acting like one in certain situations is a drag, but necessary. Their childish personality traits boil down to being incredibly selfish and self-absorbed.

    What that guy did looks like a perfect example of what Knowles was talking about. I imagine that “kid” is like that whenever “no one is looking.” Childish, an idiot, and now unemployed. A Progressive trifecta.

  11. 1. “Nobody’s here, so I can do what I want” Integrity is not in his dictionary.

    2. *DINK* “Oops. Nobody’s looking..” You say this while being recorded? Moron.

    3. Has to be told to get off car. Just like everywhere else in his life. I’ll behave if you make me, but even that’s iffy.

    Betting this guy hates people with money too. Has no respect for other people’s property.

    If this guy acted this way as my employee in the bug biz, he would be fired on the spot. My clients range from poor to multi-millionaire. If other people’s shiny things give you naughty ideas of opportunity – you aren’t meant to be in this particular service industry. This biz exposes the clients to how honest you are and with shady integrity that only happens when people are looking – who could trust what you do when the house is empty? We often do services when they are not home.

    Adios amigo.

  12. Having been raised around vintage vehicles(restoring,showing,selling)i see mostly respect for vehicles but there are some that are dragged to the show or auction and would rather be anywhere else, you have to keep an eye on them.Kids and clueless adults love jumping on running boards and honking horns on the brass cars.

  13. Liberal Larry,
    The topic is about a person intentionally vandalizing expensive personal property. How you got to rape and climate is the perfect example of how a liberal brain goes where no rational person should.

  14. I would have shot him directly up the asshole. Whatever director/boss signed off on this can have his ass penetrated with the hood jumper’s cock so I can get a 2-fer.

  15. Good Dey Eh Scatcrapmento,
    make him pay for repairs out of his last paycheck.
    and this brings me to another question:
    Why is wombat scat shaped like a cube?

  16. You KNOW he’s a liberal that openly could not care less about other people’s lives nor property.

    It reminds me of the saying; ‘Jap Slapped’ implying you have been slapped so damn hard your face scrunches up, your eyes become narrow slits and the tears profusely flow.

    In this case, followed by a law suit.

    The bastard is completely incapable of creating anything that would earn him praise, hence, he has to create damage which is the pinnacle of his life.

    BTW…Larry—-Eat Shit

  17. This is pretty much why i stopped taking my car to car shows; idiots with their pit bulls on 10 ft long chains running between the cars, morons (adults and kids) straddling their bicycles while walking around the cars, unattended kids running around the cars, jackasses leaning against the cars. it’s all too nerve racking. People have no respect anymore.

  18. Amen to that Tony R. In florida a man went under the rope to show his pal the golf club door on our auburn speedster. when i asked him to get away from the car he slammed the door shut and glared at me we had him removed from the show pronto. of course there was theatrics the old the car is junk it must be a kit car never coming back again etc. Fender leaners and kids lifted into rumbleseats for for the lovely picture tracking dirt and dripping icedcream. Like it was stated earlier some people miss the fact these cars are restored with a lot of work and pride.

  19. This is exhibit A of bad parenting. They never had to clean or care for anything in their homes and lives, mom always did it or hired it out.
    Mom had to find just the right food that they would eat for dinner and they still complain. They walk out in front of you in the crosswalk slowing up a whole bunch of cars without a care in the world.
    Trash other people’s property, cuz after all why should someone else have something nice and they don’t? You can start to see them when about 3 to 7 years old , throwing fits in grocery stores and restaurants screaming at the top of their lungs the whole time they are in the place.
    Completely without manners of any kind, never have been taught at home or school.
    :When things hit the fan and the reset comes there will be an awakening for sure. How many will make it is anybody’s guess?

  20. My kid was riding his 2-wheel bike at 5 years old and leaning into the 2005 Jeep Hemi with the handlebars scratching all down the front bumper. Up and down back and forth. I thought that was bad until I saw the driver’s side. What a mess. A “professional” made it disappear from 6+ feet, but any closer it was and always will be a tragedy. The scratches weren’t just paint deep, they were metal deep. You could lose a fingernail in each scratch. I eventually sold it, in addition to its many more problems for $5300, amazingly.

  21. I had a 69 Z28 numbers matching. It just had a body off when I bought it. I owned it for about ten years and realized I was so worried about it I wasn’t enjoying it. A couple times we drove it to the store. I’d park it way the F out there where nobody was parked. And I swear, consistently, we’d finish shopping and find some asshole parked right next to us. Sold it. I’ll buy a rolling chassis one day and build one from scratch.

  22. Phil’s ex-wife, before she was Phil’s ex-wife, once asked me why she had to grow up. I told her it was because she was 29 years old.

    We are in the age of the eternal toddler.

  23. If “Angel” tried that at the Philly Auto Show, his microphone (flag & all) would be so far up his colon he’d have to ask the cameraman to yank on the chord.

    “Open Borders…NOW!” What an arrogant pedazo de mierda.

  24. Tuck your shirt in and go find a job. There may be a China Shop looking for a bull. And there’s always CNN.

  25. @ jellybean OCTOBER 22, 2019 AT 8:13 PM

    Ya’ nailed it. I came to the conclusion that everyone has a desire to leave their mark on the world. Those with talent create and those with none destroy what others create. It can even be something they themselves own, they get their rocks off by destroying what the talented have created.

  26. This scrunt needs to be castrated. Larry is not real. I like classic cars and have only touched those that I have been invited to…….. Oh and jeeps suck!
    “The first stage in the corruption of morals is the banishment of truth …”

    Michel de Montaigne

  27. Met a guy like that at a gun show once. I was selling an unturned, unfired, always cased in the walnut display box, five screw S&W model 29. I had big signs saying do not touch ask for assistance. Dude walks up wanting to be the big man in his crew, opens the case, grabs the gun and cocks the hammer. He bought a very nice S&W revolver that day for full price cash. He stayed at the table to do paperwork while his very impressed buddy’s went to gather the cash. I bet he was never as unhappy buying a gun as he was that day.


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