Physicians Praise Trump for Choice of Private Health Care over Medicare


An Arizona-based organization of physicians is praising President Donald Trump’s executive order that expands options for Americans on Medicare, including the option to choose a private treatment or insurance over the government-run program.

In a letter to Trump on Friday, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), a national organization representing physicians in all specialties since 1943, wrote:

Allowing seniors to opt out of Medicare Part A without losing their Social Security benefits is a huge step toward protection and ensuring the right of Americans to choose their medical treatment and their means of arranging payment for medical care. The freedom to choose is critical to preserve access to care and quality, for seniors as well as for veterans. Additionally, all Medicare beneficiaries who use their own hard-earned, after-tax dollars to purchase medical care, without burdening the already overstressed system, free up resources for other beneficiaries. It is hardly fair for middle-class or low-income workers to be shouldering all the medical costs of wealthy retirees.

Trump announced an executive order two weeks ago that seeks to protect Medicare for older Americans and strengthen it by providing them with more freedom and choices.

Among the provisions of the order is one that finally demands a change to the 1993 rule that required Medicare and Social Security to be linked together. The Clinton administration wrote the rule that states Americans cannot opt out of Medicare without giving up their Social Security benefits, even though they had been forced to pay into Social Security for years. read more

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