Moron Dead After He Tries To Rob “GUN and Pawn” Shop

Did he think maybe the store owner had a gun and knew a little something about them?

Apparently the guy is a good shot. He just saved taxpayers a boatload of money by putting down this waste of life without trial/conviction/food/clothing/shelter/cable.


  • Two robbers stormed Dixie’s Gun and Pawn in Mableton, Georgia, last month
  • The store’s 64-year-old owner Jimmy Groover opened fire before they could
  • He killed one of the would-be robbers as his accomplice ran for his life 
  • Groover, who did not face charges, said he felt he had ‘no choice’ but to open fire 


Moron in upper right corner taking a permanent snooze.

Read more: WITH VIDEO

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45 Comments on Moron Dead After He Tries To Rob “GUN and Pawn” Shop

  1. The fool be leakin’.

    That’s called justice. Know justice, know peace. Now he knows peace.

    Note to Cory Booker.

  2. Not to sound to cold blooded but the other guy behind the counter cracks me up. Notice the relation ship to the bad guy, the pillar, and the store owners line of fire. You can tell what he’s thinking. “Oh fuck, Jimmy’s going to smoke this guy, better keep the lane clear.”

  3. Back when I was in the firearms industry we had a wholesale customer, H&L Leather, in Federal Way WA. He put two 10mm slugs through the heart of a robber who came through the door w/a 380 and announced a robbery.

  4. He was using a Delta Elite, and there was a cop having coffee in the shop and, get this, the perp had foam ear plugs in.

  5. Why from the UK Daily Mail? Where was Channel XYZ? Were the bad guys dindu nuffins? Hard to tell. Whatever, made my evening. One dead Mo Fo and another on the lam, to be picked up soon, hopefully in a body bag. GOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLL!

  6. @MJA – not just a gun shop in GA but DIXIE (by Gawd) Guns & Pawn in Cobb county GA (much of Mableton, GA has been a pretty seedy area for a couple of decades since huge federal housing projects were built, but before then it was a fairly affluent area). Gives new meaning to the old car tags we used to see around here – “if your heart ain’t in Dixie, get your ass out!”

    Maybe they’ll play Elvis’ live cut of “Dixieland” at the perps funeral.

  7. “Warning: Video contains contents that might disturb some viewers”

    You betcha! Damn disturbing that he missed the second piece of scum

  8. Need a permanent chalk outline of the body on the floor and a ‘moron’ flag in the window to indicate the current score for the next playa.

  9. The thing that did the robber in was when he reached for the SECOND weapon, Jimmy shot him dead. Who does the crook think he is, Jimmie Fox? Now he’s just DOA.
    I could watch this all night, gun porn at its finest.

  10. Dat ain’ righ’ he go & keel dat boy like dat witout him getting a open shot & shit. He be my 2nd cousin yo. I going’ sue dem fo’ fitty billon dollah. Dat’s right!.

  11. If I ever actually had to shoot someone I would be distraught, much like Jimmy. An American born youth who’s life was destroyed by the Democrat party. I imagine poor Jimmy’s had a lot of conversations with God. Taking another human beings life, cutting short their potential, it’s got to be a terrible thing. Just sayen

  12. Pretty sad when we have to view over seas
    media sites for feel good stories here.

    That two or three bucks he spent in rounds
    saved a few million methinks….

  13. This guy is a real-world Jerry Miculek. Not to mention, he has just a badass look about him.

    I don’t know what he was carrying, but this screams celebrity product endorsement to me. I’m hoping it was a Glock, cuz I kinda love the things.

  14. When Hollywood shows a shooting, it throws the guy back.
    That is pretty much crap, but, this guy was actually thrown back, gonna go with a .45 a hot .45.
    I have sold a lot of ammo, the black guys want the cheap ass aluminum Blazer hard ball, the white guys all what to know what is the best for PP.
    Gun store owner, I guessing the best you can get.

  15. @ Bad Brad = Guam. ‘nuf said.

    Watch the family sue for the guy defending

    Was that a 1911 or a 10Mil?

  16. Sorry, I just can’t take any pleasure in this … a young man, recently accepted to Rocket Surgical School, who attended Church services every day, gave his time to the poor and unfortunate, assisted widows and orphans, gave generously to the Salvation Army, was a Straight-A student from K to 3, and then had his life cut short by a simple misunderstanding.
    So sad …

    izlamo delenda est …


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