Fox Reviving Old “Love Connection” Show Which Will Include Gay Connections

I wonder what conservative Chuck Woolery is thinking.

His classic show is being rebooted with a new host and will include homosexual hook-ups.

Here’s a clip from the old show.

We don’t have a clip from the new Love Infection Connection.

I do, however, have a clip from a new  show where people meet and within 30 seconds they get into bed with their underwear on. It’s called Undressed. And that has gay people in it.

I will spare you the link.

Meteor NOW.

ht/ fdr in hell

40 Comments on Fox Reviving Old “Love Connection” Show Which Will Include Gay Connections

  1. Suggested products to advertise on this show exhibition:

    – disposable sheets
    – udder balm for rug-burned lips and cheeks
    – hand and dick sanitizer
    – Crisco
    – adult diapers

  2. Maintaining there perfect record of doing shows I’ll never watch. How long before sheer economics force the networks to air programming that people actually watch and advertisers aren’t afraid to sponsor?

    This show is a DOA.

  3. The Bible says that Lot, a flawed man, was still righteous. He was vexed by the filth of the Sodomites even though he was of necessity socially cordial toward them (well, before they threatened to sodomize him, too). Peter doesn’t say that that vexation is what made Lot righteous, but is an indicator that he was indeed righteous despite his failings.

    Few today are truly vexed by our own men of Sodom, or by anything. This is NOT a “Christian nation.”

  4. Just be honest and call the show Butt Connection. Instead of the old tagline “we’ll be back in two and two” (two minutes two seconds) they can say “we’ll be back after two in poo” (barf)

  5. @grool – Apparently there are enough Christians left in this nation that God gave us an alternative to either Bush or Hiliary Clinton.

  6. Hi Chuck, everything was going fabulous. We had a late dinner, I drove her home and she invited me to to her room for a nightcap. We got upstairs she pours me a drink, turns around, and pulls out her cock. Needless to say, Chuck, I was a little surprised. That’s when I realized that it was late, and I needed to get home to let the dog out.

  7. I was flipping through the channels one morning and found the Newlywed Game. I think they might be re-runs, but the host was Sherri Shepherd, I didn’t watch the entire show because one of the couples were gay guys. I tuned in at the middle and listened to the questions and spouses answering and then they got to the gay guys and I kept on channel surfing. I don’t care how normal they want to make it, I’m not watching gay men pretend to be married, marriage in my book will always husband and wife. Not to mention who the hell would even want to listen to two gay guys talk about their marital life. eeewww

  8. Ahhh geeeez. Here we go. Love Connection San Francisco/Oakland area.

    “mm mm, no. I had lef him becawz he nevah wash his ayass. He always in ma face wit that ayass, too. Ah tole him I ain’t a animal. Ukaay? No no! mmhmm. Thas right. pssht.”

  9. I’m not sure Australian Dream will sponsor this trash while Chuck is still the spokesperson.

    What’s next? A new version of “Beat the Cock”…
    er… I mean “Beat the Clock” 🙂

  10. Only Democrat deviants will watch it. I hope it tanks. I do want to know who are the sponsors so I can tell them to drop dead.

    I’m done with being polite. The homosexuals (they are NOT gay!) are determined to get approval for their sick lifestyle choice. Anyone with a brain realizes that the “plumbing” is not designed for what they will do with it. That is the very definition of a perversion.

    Of course, they can find salvation and turn from their sins, if they will only repent.

  11. Cancelled in a month and moved to Showtime where it will tank again for being too boring. Normal people, (yes, I said normal) don’t watch gay crap. Pun intended.


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