Progs Worldwide Are Gonna Have To Step Up Their Game To Compete With Finland

Finland is so lost in progressivism, diversity, fairness, social correction and open-mindedness they’ve lost all semblance of rational thought.

They just voted this woman Miss Helsinki-



Is she ugly? Close.

But that’s not the issue. The issue is that there are very few black women in Finland. To pick a black woman as the standard bearer of beauty for the region, when she’s not even a standard bearer of beauty amongst black women, is ridiculous.

Even if this woman had been chosen


it still would be odd for Miss Helsinki.

It would be like this woman being chosen Miss Japan –


If there are no good-looking black women in Finland, well, then you should abandon your progressive dream lest you open up the token in your pet project to unnecessary scorn and ridicule.

But that doesn’t matter to a prog. It’s all about how THEY feel.

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33 Comments on Progs Worldwide Are Gonna Have To Step Up Their Game To Compete With Finland

  1. Mika Hakkinen is from Finland. I’ve seen him race a few times. He was someone that gave Michael Schumacher a run for his money. ( poor Michael Schumacher )

  2. The whole world is fucked up. I’m glad I’m on the down side. No manners. No more common sense. No more civilized culture. Just pure bullshit!

  3. I can understand Germany acting this way, to a certain extent .. but what does Finland have to atone for? They didn’t colonize anything. They’ve never invaded anybody. All they do is survive that frozen wasteland that they live in.


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