Muslim chef prepared food after wiping his ass with his bare hands

as he doesn’t use toilet paper for Islamic ‘cultural reasons’

chowdhury bare handed ass wiper

BNI: Mahbub Chowdhury, 46, from Swindon, was found to have a filthy bottle in the kitchen of Yeahya Flavour of Asia.

When questioned, he said he filled the empty milk bottle with water from the kitchen taps before using it to clean his backside after going to the toilet. ‘He did not use toilet paper for cultural reasons. Inspectors concluded the brown finger prints was faecal matter.’  MORE

jim carrey gagging


24 Comments on Muslim chef prepared food after wiping his ass with his bare hands

  1. That is why they are offended if you wave your left finger at a Muslim… them as they sit there and sniff their left hand…….yeah no Toilet Paper for them…..

  2. So we’ve gotten it wrong all along.
    It is not the religion of “peace”, it is the religion of piece (of shit on your finger there).
    They just shortened it for us infidels.

  3. They finally caught ol’ Jenkem Fingers!

    I flip out when I accidentally poke through the toilet paper, nothing more disgusting than a fingernail full of shit.

  4. I understand the place was a favorite among the local progs and greenies.
    They claimed the food tasted like home.
    Maybe with enough rectal cranial inversion one comes to enjoy the smell.

  5. Okay, since this happened where they count money as £5,000, it’s safe to say we don’t have this problem in America, unless of course you Hanal prepared food.

    Wait, Mexicans don’t flush toilet paper down the toilet? They wad up their little shit filled papers and throw them on the floor around the garbage can?

  6. They don’t use TP at home either. There is a left hand hanging on the wall.
    You just grab it and wipe. Keeps your own hand clean.

  7. Anybody really surprised by this?

    Anybody? Really?

    Moslems put the “filthy” in “filthy fuckin savage moslems” – not me.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. “Yeahya Flavour of Asia”

    so that was what was in their secret herbs and spices.

    “Inspectors concluded the brown finger prints was fecal matter”

    did this increase business?

  9. Easy solution. Accuse him of being a thief, and have his hand(s) cut off. Then kick him out onto the streets to be shunned and a beggar. Old World ME custom, Old World ME solution.
    Oh, and don’t forget to cauterize. Don’t want him to die. At least not right now.

  10. As if the pedophilia, bestiality, and mass murder weren’t bad enough, now we learn they are coprophages, too.

  11. Bunch of shit-eatin, goat-fuckin, toddler-thighin, savage killers?

    Who woulda thunk it?

    izlamo delenda est …

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