California: Muslim couple charged with keeping housekeeper as slave

-San Diego — A handwritten note asking a nurse for help has led to labor trafficking charges against an Iraqi couple who are accused of forcing an Indonesian housekeeper to work without pay in their El Cajon apartment.

Her rescue a few days later is the first time in more than five years the woman, referred to in court documents only as W.M., has been free of indentured servitude, authorities said Friday.

“Today’s arrests bring to light the sad reality of modern day slavery,” Dave Shaw, special agent in charge for U.S. Homeland Security Investigations in San Diego, said in a statement. “… Forced labor, which often involves individuals who are held in isolation, degraded, and most alarming — stripped of their basic human freedom — has no place in a modern society.”

Firas Majeed and his wife, Shatha Abbas, pleaded not guilty in San Diego federal court Friday. They are charged with forced labor, trafficking and confiscating a passport.

The housekeeper pleaded for help in a note to a nurse on March 18, and the note made it to homeland security agents, according to the complaint.

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  1. We need more moslims-our culture, a wasteland devoid of FGM, honor killings, homos thrown off building & walls pushed onto them, lone wold attacks, no-go zones, random mass murders, mobile snipers, head to toe clad woman, pedophilia, goat fucking and other gems from Islam are sorely needed to enrich out pale lives.

  2. oh no!

    not california, the home of the $15 minimum wage, has slave laborers?

    no not muslims, the religion of peace, keeps human slaves?

    no, no, no, not an illegal immigrant, being used as slave labor in the USA.

    I now wonder how many dc politicians keep illegal immigrants as household slaves in their homes and dc residences?

    is that why they have such an affinity for illegals in this country?

    do we now have federal slave ring enterprise going on in the usa right under our noses?

  3. This same thing happened in Aurora Co a couple of years ago. The slave not only had domestic jobs but had to “service” the male when the need arose. The couple (husband and wife aka the slave owners) where Saudis so when the law found out the fled and escaped justice. Needless to say I have contempt for the “all cultures are equal” crowd

  4. Again, this is CUSTOM with the Quoranderthals, wherever they go. I heard many tales like this when I was stationed in Saudi for a year.

    Yep. Slavery has never left the Middle East. From the same people that originally captured, traded, and sold Africans to the Europeans, starting back, how many hundreds of years ago??

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