Hah! “My Michael”

Funny video seemingly shows Obama about to call Michelle “Michael.”

Obama gets caught between saying “my wife” and “Michelle” and it comes out as Michael.

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  1. This asshole wouldn’t survive one week out in the real world. He doesn’t even know how to boil water.

  2. There have been numerous times he has done this.
    Either that is ‘her’ real name or wishful thinking on Soetoro’s part.

  3. The mere sound of its voice upsets my stomach.

    A simultaneous puke and diarrhea attack.

    God forgive us.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. I don’t know if she is a man or not, but she definitely did not have those kids. Every woman who has been pregnant, takes lots of pictures of herself during this happy time.

    There is not a SINGLE picture taken of Michelle O, while she was pregnant for either of their two daughters — definitely not normal or credible.

  5. You give the boy too much slack… I doubt he was saying, “My wife” but rather “My Michael.”

    It’s not the first he’s called him by his former name.
    The game is “Family Fraud” and they play it well.

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