Muslim Democrat Asked To Resign After Anti-Gay Facebook Posts

Intersectionality is a fickle whore, isn’t it?

City Pages

Blackmon posted a couple of screenshots allegedly taken from Busuri’s Facebook account several years ago. One, posted in 2014, included a link to an article about the president of Uganda criminalizing homosexuality.

“That’s why I am going back to Uganda,” the post read.

Another, from 2013, was about Pasta Barilla being boycotted because the CEO supposedly vowed to never include a gay couple in advertising.
“I have to go buy some Pasta Barilla now,” was Busuri’s response.

Busuri didn’t respond to interview requests. In an interview with the Pioneer Press, he said that his “religious beliefs are very clear about homosexuality,” but that he hadn’t discriminated against anyone because of them.

“Those who are attacking me, I see it as Islamophobic, attacking me for my religious beliefs,” he said.

He also addressed his absence on Wednesday, but one would likely be hard-pressed to describe it as apologetic.


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  1. “I have to go buy some Pasta Barilla now,” was Busuri’s response.

    I did not know this about Barilla pasta, guess I’ll have to go buy me some today – in the yellow box. The yellow boxed pasta is higher in protein. FYI.

  2. Unusual for a Muslim to be criticized for anti homosexual statements, normally they don’t even get criticized for throwing them off of rooftops.

  3. @Anonymous – perhaps they didn’t realize he was untouchable, and are now trying to backtrack.
    The South Park episodes 200/201 addressed this perfectly, Muhammed as the only completely untouchable entity. Which – guess what! Are not available to watch, although they are still on the dvd for that season. (The Super Best Friends episode, which featured Milhammad, isn’t even on the season dvd)

  4. As a white Christian I am against the homosexual lifestyle… (liberals sound the attack horn) …but I’m mostly against this because it is offensive to muslims (attack called off).
    Intersectionality that bitches

  5. The left is going to have to do some very high level math to figure out who get’s the gold meddle and who is disqualified from the victim Olympics on this one.

    Gays come in every race. Islam is treated like a race and has lots and lots of people of color on top of that. If the left starts holding Muslims accountable for homophobia then will they have to hold them accountable for misogyny, Antisemitism, child brides and the mass buggering of little boys? Which is going to be the bigger voting demographic today? 5 years from now? 25 years from now? Which group gives more money to the party?

    I guess the math will be simple after all.


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