Muslim Reaction To Pro-Kurdish Peace Rally

You’d think the religion of peace would be into a peace rally, no?

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 11.01.07 AM

Video of moment of explosion

Pictures of the aftermath. 80+ killed

7 Comments on Muslim Reaction To Pro-Kurdish Peace Rally

  1. When’s berrie going to come out against BOMB VIOLENCE. He should sign an executive order outlawing this

    Oh, wait, they’re just practicing their religion

  2. Aided and abetted by the Sultan Erdogan no doubt. Usually he just sends the police to smash heads and do his killing.
    The last time I was in Istanbul the local cops strutted around with handguns and AK-47’s.

  3. Like an abused woman, liberals need to hit bottom before perpetrators are stopped. How many innocent victims is it going to take to hear stories of bombs lobbed into any and all mosques? In the meantime, God is doing what he can with wind pushing over a crane on the Grand Mosque killing over 100 muzzles, and making it so more than a thousand of them stampede each other to death.


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