Whose Ox is Getting Gored?

Early in Obama’s first administration I did dozens and dozens and dozens of Hollywood- themed agitprop with Obama as the star. Here are a few examples:


The Village Voice’s writer on pop culture (whose sole qualification is that he enjoys men running it up his chocolate starfish) Michael Musto, wrote a review of them, calling them “trite, amateur, unfunny, predictable, racist,” and any other word you can think of that was meant to dismiss them wholesale. The “amateur” comment particularly amused me because I once did some artwork for Michael Musto when he needed invitations to a Halloween party he was throwing at The Limelight in Manhattan. He thought the invite was fantastic, and not at all “amateur.”

It’s 2015. Want to see examples of sheer brilliance? (To be fair, Michael Musto didn’t review the following, but I can guaranfriggintee you he wouldn’t go out of his way to give a negative review of these-)

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Dangerous minds says:

Reality scares the absolute living sh!t out of me every day, and I can’t go to the lobby for a drink or hit a pause button when the intensity gets ramped up. And few things in reality currently scare me into near-paralysis like the idea of President Donald Trump.

”I’m always a sucker for a ‘shop contest… this one reaches some dizzying heights of prime Internet smartassery.

“Dizzying heights.” “Prime internet smartassery.”

Whoa. I guess I’m in the wrong camp.

It’s not hard to be a star (fish?) when you’re on the left, is it?

That’s the side where Obama gets a peace prize and Gwyneth Platrow wins a best actress award.

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25 Comments on Whose Ox is Getting Gored?

  1. Hell, it’s the Village Voice, that sparking beacon of free speech “Where the Sex Ads Pay the Bills”. But you’re right, the left can print some not funny, simply insulting stuff that they label as satire and all their crowds chuckle and reach for another glass of Merlot served to them by a native waitress who was cheated out of her spot at Harvard by Elisabeth Warren, that famous native fighter for human rights except when she’s not which is most of the time.

  2. There is a severe mental illness on the left.
    The left also wins the prize for the most criminals.
    Also the most Deviants

  3. I know Michael Musto. He was my college classmate at Columbia, and I attended his graduation party in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn in 1976. A few months later, filming for “Saturday Night Fever” would begin right on the very street where the party was held.

    I liked him. He was funny and an excellent writer. He is actually extremely well-read and intelligent. There is a depth to him that is obscured by his love of, and focus on, the frivolous.

    That said, he’s as gay as they come and has been ODing on the progtard Kool-Aid for years. I haven’t seen or spoken to him in over thirty years. I think that if I were ever to run into him again, we could probably have a nice conversation. I wouldn’t be foolish enough to bring up politics, though.

  4. The best part of a Trump presidency is,
    Just like Obama pisses me off.

  5. Seeing as how we’re creeping up on Halloween, why not take some classic ghouls and continue on with the Obongo ‘shop tributes, featuring famous fiends, Fur?

    I saw a good one of Horndog and Hildog t’other day as Frankenstein and his bride.

  6. Do you think you’re going to need to replace Hussein’s head with Medusa’s in 2017? I hope to Hell not. 🙁

  7. Mr. FUR You should take that Alien photo and shop Obama’s face over Sigourney Weavers and send it back to this prick.

  8. Starfish Boy needs to elaborate on the “racist” part. The other four adjectives are completely a matter of personal bias, but “racism” brings something definable into the discussion.

    Racism is the belief in the INHERENT superiority of one race over the others – and I’m just not seeing any of that.

  9. Musto sees racism, yet there is nothing about Obama’s race being addressed in these images, not even remotely! The only explanation is that Musto sees a BLACK guy in every image. That makes him a racist.

  10. Fine and good, but, seriously, what’s wrong with racism? Who decreed that it’s a bad thing? We used to say “birds of a feather flock together,” but now we’re supposed to pretend we don’t all prefer our own?

  11. When Lazlo was in a band (long, long ago) sometimes we would get a review from some Bozo that was less than stellar. The singer (being sensitive) would agonize over it, vow revenge and the like, until it was explained to him that being dished on by this guy will garner you success and respect by those folks who think he’s an asshole.

  12. So the person who did the Trump images didn’t put a water mark on them or otherwise designate who originated it.

    Makes me think no one else on the internet sees these as being clever enough to bother stripping the markings off and reposting as their own (unlike what happens to some people who get their credits cut off all the freaking time).

  13. Trite, amateur, unfunny, predictable, and racist describes Obama to a Tee, actually. Maybe a small dump truck load of projection going on there, Mr. Leaky Starfish.

  14. BRAVO (THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE!!) Wonderful idea. I was literally laughing out loud, at work, when I saw the Trump/Weaver ‘shop. It would be even better with the Trump/Obola, but I’m not sure how you could still convey the idea of Alien. Unfortunately, I think it would get lost in the “translation”. But still a wonderful idea.


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