Turks Shoot Down Russian Fighter – IOTW Report

Turks Shoot Down Russian Fighter

Early reports are claiming Turkish F-16s have downed a Russian military aircraft after it ventured into Turkish airspace. The destruction of the Russian plane has not been confirmed.

F-16 vs MiG 29

This would not be the first time that Russian military aircraft have violated Turkish airspace this week. The situation seemed to have escalated when Russian fighters reportedly “radar locked” on Turkish fighters.



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  1. Turkey is a member of NATO so Uncle Sam is supposedly obligated to defend them.

    We have plenty of military bases, we have super secret bases there (U2 flights) and we have a million men on the ground. Your move white-hut-poseur.

  2. I’ll make the pop corn, this will be good to watch. I say Obama surrenders
    In the next two weeks.

  3. Obola’s gonna fly to Moscow and give Putin a tongue lashing he’ll never forget!

    Prolly go “round the world” on him …

  4. So a 36 year old platform with down reved avionics and a third world pilot just smoked the Rusky state of the art fighter. At least he Turks had the balls to pull the trigger.

  5. For the moment we need not do anything. The Turks are not to be messed with, and the are not going to tolerate incursions into their airspace by Russia or anyone else.

    Too bad for Russia. Lets hope the “Aircraft Jettison” handle worked (and the ejection seat, AND the parachute…) on whatever piece of Russian shit some poor bastard was flying when the Turks shot it down. He also better hope the locals don’t just disappear his Russian ass.

  6. I’m not skeptical yet. Recall that back during the start of this mess in Syria and before Benghazi, the “rebels” managed to shoot down a Turkish F-4 reconnaissance flight that came smoking in low over Syrian airspace. At the time there was wide speculation whether it was an American shoulder-fired SAM or not.

    Anything is possible when you bring this much military hardware this close together. Some dumbass Russian was bound to get shot down over Turkish airspace sooner or later. He should be glad it wasn’t ISIS.

  7. who knows what to believe any more….the ‘news’ is just fucking propaganda

    it could’ve been Colonel Mustard with a pipe wrench….in the den….for all I know

  8. Sorry Zonga, uncle Sambo just peed his mom jeans, and NATO ain’t what it used to be.

    Where the hell are the next Truman, Eisenhower, Reagan, heck even GW leaders???

  9. “Radar locking” is a myth, in videyo games it’s all fun and games.

    You don’t get advanced warning that you’re about to smoked out of the sky.

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