Muslim Refugees Go Clubbing in Russia – Russians Go Clubbing Muslims


Muslim scum that were ordered out of Norway, for being scum, settled in Russia. They decided to go to a club and molest the native Russian women. The Russian men didn’t go quietly into the dhimmi night, like the fruitcake men in Cologne.

The Russians beat the sh!t out of the Muslims. The only thing that prevents this from being the feel-good story of the day is that none of the scum were decapitated or thrown off of a building. Although many were hospitalized, all lived.

Try harder next time, Ruski.


ht/ Hanoverfist

30 Comments on Muslim Refugees Go Clubbing in Russia – Russians Go Clubbing Muslims

  1. One would think that a refugee would act like a guest in the host nation – with all that “having to flee the homeland” and none such. In Europe and Scandanavian countries, the host governments practice surrendering to refugee culture, manners and customs, but apparently in Russia you had better act like you are a guest of your crazy Uncle Ivan.

    Russians have their faults, but being a pussy isn’t one of them.

  2. . . . and good times were had by all. The only bad thing is that Russian tax dollars paid their hospital bills.

  3. Joe6pak. Used to be that way in Ireland, England, Scotland, Italy, and France. until they all became pussified by socialism , political correctness, multiculturalism, atheism, and stupidity. I hope the Russians kick their mussie asses back to Sanddamistan or where ever the fuck they come from.

  4. “Tolerance” is the noose progressives are trying to hang your country with.

    If you ever find yourself in a situation where you might have to go to jail for beating the shit out of a moslem rapist, take out a few progressive too, before the cops arrive.

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