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“Muslims Get Out, This Is Our Home”

Chanting “Arabs get out” and “this is our home,” about 600 protestors stormed a Muslim neighborhood in Ajaccio, Corsica. They broke into a prayer room and burnt the Korans.


The protest broke out after two firemen and a police officer were injured on Christmas by “several hooded youths” from the Muslim neighborhood.


21 Comments on “Muslims Get Out, This Is Our Home”

  1. Wait until they start burning the places down with the savages still inside.

    It is coming soon. The Europeans are going to get tired of these savage ingrates very soon.

    I see the Germans losing it in a few years. That is why the governments go to great lengths to suppress news of Muslim crimes and outrages. The people will only take it for so long.

  2. How bad must it be that the French subjects are finally, albeit barely, fighting back against these violent evil criminals. Its astounding for sure but really they didnt even do anything significant.

    A few cult books tossed on the curb and some garbage strewn on the floor. There are disapointingly no dead muslime dogs piled up in the gutter. When they kill some.of them it will.really be a sign. Until then they are not going to make a difference. But this could be a spark.

  3. The Corsicans are more Italian than French. Let’s hope they kick the moussie bastards out. Then let the Sardinians do the same, and then Italy. Let the Crusades begin without obama.

  4. Shotguns will be effective. Mossbergs are affordable and effective. Backed up by pistols.

    Of course, that is no match for the pipe bombs and explosives that obamas fellow cultists will use on them.

    The well trained and well armed retired armed forces veterans and law enforcement will have to serve as force multipliers to organize and train others in their defense against these locusts. (Im not even sure the corsicans can get weapons… maybe smuggled from italy?)

    The confrontation is inevitable and unavoidable. The sooner the better. It will be ugly for sure. Thats why the answer to liberals and leftists should always simply be “FUCK YOU” and nothing more. Dont be distracted with debating these assholes. Focus on the real task of facing islime. Those that love their country must be willing to save it by fighting the cancer of islime.

  5. What model and can you use the high capacity double stack mags like Glock?

    You can use a 32 round extended mag shoved into a Glock 9 or 40 and they are dirt cheap.

  6. Non Mike. It’s old school. The military keeps trying to get shed of it, then they need to bring it back. John Browning did a hell of a job back in 1911 designing that gun. 8 in the mag one in the chamber, but it a big pill. Single action, but when I shoot tuperware guns I’m always trying to drop the safety off with my left thumb. Slows me down. I want to thank Four 45’s for stopping by today to select my next purchase from the limited selection Cali now offers. I’m gonna try and smuggle one of these in.


  7. Para-Ordinance P14-45. Double stack 1911 style. Unsure of interchangeability of components like slides, springs, barrels, etc.

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