My Pronouns are …

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  1. That cat knows a thing or two because it’s seen a thing or two. And apparently, it knows something about her. Like she’s full of BS?

    (But, actually, cats are just soft, fluffy Goblins in disguise.)

  2. This Kid/Infantile/Snowflake has not suffered enough in life to have this much time on its hands.

    My pronoun is “RICK” the “P” is silent!

  3. My pronouns for picky ASSHOLES are too rude, too offensive and likely labeled as a criminal offense in some places.

  4. Sorry. Internet service provider is unable to provide internet so will be judicious with my post.

    I actually have no interest in your preferred pronouns.
    You leftists decide that are 58 genders this week and we are supposed to swallow your hogwash until you invent another falsehood next week.

    Kindly go fuck yourselves up your noses with Rifle cleaning equipment.

    Sorry. That last part was probably uncalled for.
    Except that it was called for.

    When is open season on leftists and what is the bag limit?

  5. That cat was sick and tired of hearing “she/her” talk about “she/herself” all the time.

    Like the rest of us are, too.

  6. My pronouns are “His Majesty” and “Your Majesty”. Deal with it.
    And yes, I do have cats the BFH has done portraits of, and I cannot ever express my gratitude.


    Followed by a LONG burst of belted .308 fire. 😎

  8. For those who claim plural pronouns: “Then Jesus asked him, ‘What is your name?’
    ‘My name is Legion,’ he replied, ‘for we are many.’”

  9. :: removes cobble pipe from mouth ::

    You see, kiddies. Back during the CompuServe era before the internets, we had this gender neutral phrase we would use, “s/h/it” which stood for she, he, it.

    It remains very relevant and I wish more people would keep use it and keep it alive.

  10. My deepest sympathy to the cat. First chance you get, run away from home.
    Being a porch cat at my house is tons better than putting up with that gargoyle.

  11. My pronouns are Btfsplk/Mxyzptlk. Make sure you pronounce them properly in my hearing or I’ll see you in court.

  12. My pronouns are Sahib, man, dude, yo, mah nigguh, honkey, bro, cowboy hat, and a bunch of other shit.

  13. Good morning…

    PHenry APRIL 22, 2021 AT 8:00 PM
    When is open season on leftists and what is the bag limit?

    As there is an over population harming the planet, there will be no bag limit.


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