My Twitter days are numbered

I’ve been banned again for 7 days. This is the second time in 3 weeks.

Brace yourselves for the offending tweet.

@r———9 ANNNNNNNNNDDD on cue, just like every other clueless
dope that avoids the request. Cite what Trump has
violated and HOW it was violated. Otherwise FOAD.

This was deemed “targeted harassment.”

Here is the tweet that preceded it, posted to me by a guy whose screen name says he’s sick of stupid people-

You may want to look that up Skippy, it’s called emoluments and it’s written in the Constitution. Of course since it’s the creep-in-chief you don’t care, but before you blab bullshit you may want to do your homework idiot.

Do you sense a little unfair and unequal treatment here?

It’s obvious Twitter is setting me up for the lifetime ban.

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  1. I confess I had to look up foad and emoluments
    IDK what the fuss is about
    James O’Keeffe at White House today with POTUS to discuss this stuff!

  2. Twitter wants to be a leftist propaganda portal disguised as a public forum. Hard to fight it, except to give it competition.

  3. I don’t have a twitter account and don’t want one. It’s because of posts like the one from the other guy. He can’t cite his source because he doesn’t have one. Someone in the MSM just wants to crank up the outrage machine. They spew out an obscure factoid and the sheeple are obliged to repeat it.

  4. Twitter is the 2019 book burning and censorship in full swing….I have been shadowbanned for 3+ years now and they keep my followers at nearly the exact same number and have for that time now……I like how blockhead gets to call you and idiot and YOU get banned…..I am perplexed that with millions of examples, how TWITTER can not be subject to a BILLION dollar class action case? I mean if they can sue a baker to bake a cake against his religious beliefs, then why can’t these libtards be put down for clear and obvious censorship. They are purging prior to the 2020 election cycle and the same with folks like James Woods, BFH will end up on the out looking in soon, just watch.

  5. @BFH: Keep buying throw away phones and enter in a new phone number each time. Play their game and win!

  6. New and Improved Tide Laundry Detergent – Now With Emoluments! (As opposed to electrolytes, because only Brawndo has electrolytes.)

    I gather that this is what you guys were arguing about, although I don’t know why the libtard thinks a detergent additive would be mentioned in the Constitution. Still, unless you were criticizing the Brawndo Corporation (probably a felony), I don’t see why Twitter would impose a 7 day ban.

    Note: I may be unclear on this whole “emoluments” thing, but I’m sure Ocasio-Cortez will clear this up for me because, as a true progressive, I accept everything she says as true.

  7. According to Godlike Productions, Twitter is DOWN right now and even those ‘savants’ over there have no idea why, something about a low lfying U2 plane above iran right now.

  8. The more they ban, the more popular the banned become.
    Keep up the good work Twitter and Fakebook!

  9. President Washington was one of the major businessmen of his time involved in coastal trade, cotton trade, shipping and was the largest whiskey dealer at the time. What the Left wants is to first restrict candidates for President to merely the monied new or old, gained through corruption if necessary or create a Mandarin Class of candidates born to run, like Beto, and are a Swamp source. To punish businessmen with ongoing enterprises is a ploy to restrict Capitalists and Conservatives or punish them if they win..

  10. Others have valid reasons for using the forum but I refuse to allow them that power over me. Secondly, my participation only adds to their benefit.

  11. I follow you on Twitter but I never see any of your tweets. Funny how that works.

    I am waiting to be in the FB doghouse. I posted Alistair Williams latest video and said “Thank you Paul Joseph Watson” as Williams suggested. I have had no response to it — probably because no one has seen it.

    (In case you have not heard, the latest FB rules say that threatening posts are not tolerated unless the threats are against those deemed to be “dangerous,” which Watson has been.)

    My main reason for staying on FB is that is what my DIL uses to send people photos of my grandchildren. Otherwise I don’t think I would miss it.

    I don’t look at Twitter as much as I used to since I joined Parler, not that I look there much, either.

  12. Emoluments is that stuff I use on girls’ backs when I be given em sensual messages.

    I kinduv warm it in my hadns first, and then rub it in deep.

    You can also use it to rub on yersseff … …. if ya git my drift …….

  13. Frankly I’m disappointed. You keep using the @ without a period after it. You respond to obvious trolls. It’s like you want to get kicked off.

    You have to make those algorithms work for you.

    Look, just write some tweets. Don’t direct them at anybody. Whoever responds, you report. Dont respond. Ever. Send private messages to friends asking them to report the same person you’re reporting. That way they get banned and not you.

  14. bfh,
    hope it comes w/ a decorative plaque (tasteful of course, nothing garish)that you can hang on your office wall. guaranteed to be centerpiece on your wall of fame. I’d love to see some possible mock-ups.

  15. Don’t feel bad. I got Repeat-O-Banned because I kept Libtard assholes “Soviet Boys” and demanded they DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT

    One of my Noms de Guerre got up to 5k followers before Jack Dorseys Geheim Staats Polizei caught up to me

  16. What the difference being banned or suspended on twatter? I’ve been suspended for a year now I guess. Can’t even delete my account. Phuck em.

  17. Twitter is dead to me. Got kicked off about 16 months ago. No big deal. There is IOTW and American Thinker and others. Who needs Twitter?

    Everyone who posts here except Larry the Liberal can probably exist fine without Twitter.

  18. In my tea party days I tweeted a lot about the tea party of course plus art, american history and local politics. I got into a tweet fight with a historian (that admired too) who turned out to be a very crazy liberal. After that, I used Twitter less and less. Now, I use it for news sometimes but mostly to track just how off the rails my feminist BFF has gotten.

  19. …I get banned from eveything. That’s the “nightshade” part of my handle, I’m a nightshade of shadow of a ghost of a spectre of a phantom of an apperation, all handles I’ve used elsewhere and been banned under, sometimes multiple times on the same sites.

    And not just liberal ones, either, sometimes “conservative” ones have issues with the President (they hate him, the Nevers), 2A suggestions, and Biblical truths, particularly about gays.

    …I sometimes go back just to be curmudgeonly. Might be in some now. Even Wonkette can be fun, but they’re pretty wary…

    ….haven’t been hit with the ban hammer by BFH and friends yet, they’re nice people, but the odds are not in my favor…

  20. Twitter is not a necessary thing in my world
    I have no digital presence to manage or a brand I’m trying to build.
    I find it simply gossip

  21. Twitter likes having a little blue bird as their symbol instead of a Jim Crow shooing people away from their lunch counters and midnight purgings.

  22. @an ol exaJahead

    Mansfield lovell
    JULY 11, 2019 AT 5:07 PM

    “One of my Noms de Guerre got up to 5k followers before Jack Dorseys Geheim Staats Polizei caught up to me”

    …kind of mixing languages here, @an ol exaJahead.

    “Noms de Guerre” is French for an alias used for the purposes of war, literally meaning “War Names”

    “Geheim Staats Polizei” is German for the Gestapo, which is itself a contraction of the phrase that would properly be written in Deutch as Geheime Staatspolizei, as Germans tend to run words together, like “Geschwindigkeitsbeschränkung” for “Speed Limit”. It translates literally as “Secret State Police”.

    “Qo’mey poSmoH Hol”, nicht wahr? Allons-y!

  23. Supernightshade July 11, 2019 at 7:31 pm,

    Just so you know, I will fight for you here. And I’m sure that I’m not the only one! 🙂

  24. …thank-you and God bless you for your kindness, @Claudia, but we do seem to be more kindred here than some sites I haunt, and as a result I’m a bit more honest and toned-down than I might otherwise be.

    …besides, I’ve done actual business with @BFH for his excellent rendition of my Minidog, so he KNOWS who I am, but because of this it would be a bit more difficult to use an alt sock puppet HERE than some other places…

    …and out of respect for you and others who lift up the name of the Lord here, I try to keep the naughty language to a minimum, and that helps, too, although I do still say naughty things from time to time, it’s NOTHING like I used to, so you’ve made me better too, so thanks…

    …and I do believe that you would give me fair warning if you feel someone’s going over the line, unlike some sites (won’t say the name, but the initials are “GP”) that blow away years of comments without warning or explanation, because you’re decent people.

    …so thank-you again, @Claudia, for sharing your home with me. I’ll try to be good to keep your fight for me to a minimum, and maybe amuse you occasionally in repayment of your kindness, when and as I can…

    …God Bless,

  25. Nobody should be on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media that it run by leftists. They will ALWAYS censor and silence conservative voices. It’s what they do.

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