N.W.A Movie – Selling Exploitation As Gangsta Outlaws

They don’t call Hollywood the dream factory for nothing and according to some good columns in National Review on the new movie “Straight Outta Compton,” the mystical land of fantasy is outdoing itself selling the myth of N.W.A.

Straight Outta Compton

Armond White does the best job of discussing how N.W.A. was nothing more than straight up exploitation. They were all about making money off of urban blight, deterioration of the family and the hopelessness of being stuck in the man-caused disaster of the inner city. It raised social awareness, to the extent of urban dwellers wanting to emulate the rappers  who made millions by venerating those who bring misery to others (like the inner city youth that looked up to drug dealers and pimps).

Michelle Malkin discusses the consequences of celebrating racism in the Black community to those that were the target.

Kevin Williamson’s column tries to put N.W.A. into a larger historic context.  The whole thing was a wildly successful money making venture that played off of hip hop chic in its time only to become an after thought to music history today.

For those who don’t know who N.W.A. was, that’s not the point of this post. This is a commentary on the use of pop culture to profit on the misery of others.  The successful one merely walking away having done nothing to fight the destructive culture they’ve revered and continues to only make matters worse for those left behind in the hood. 

The film is just another venue of exploitation.  It’s not going to  changing anything for the better (except for the shareholders of Universal/Comcast Inc.).

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  1. Anything that comes out of Compton is crap pure and simple. It’s almost like the idiots promoting this worthless POS movie want to start a race riot with the blacks starting it first of course.

  2. It’s not going to changing anything for the better (except for the shareholders of Universal/Comcast Inc.).

    It wouldn’t be the first time. You’re not really looking at “these people” to be highly principled, God-fearing, America lovers, are you?

  3. Gangsta rap of the most destructive things to be inflicted upon society and there isn’t much difference between it and flesh eating bacteria

    . Its easy to mock but these guys have had a huge impact on music education (in just about any college in this country hip hop of some kind is offered–yu caneven major in it) fashion movies and TV and its one of the reasons why its important to know what goes in in pop culture.

    Disney made Ice Cube acceptable to mainstream America by putting him in action movies and Disney films. Fact is, he’s a hard core followed of Islam (as are many of these rappers and not the Calypso Louie Farrakan branch of Islam).

    Dr. Dre just signed a $3b deal with Apple. How many people know tha t the Beat headphones that practically that you see everywhere are his?

    Snoop Dogg is besties with the likes of Trump and Martha Stewart

    I wouldn’t give a dime to see or hear these monsters but many people do most times unknowingly.

  4. I’ve had the opportunity to meet these bad asses early on. They weren’t calling them selves N.W.A. then but it was the same people. Crack heads, dope smoking ass holes, no matter the color, one on one get their asses kicked by a true athlete.

  5. So I have a confession to make. I have the whole fam damily home this week end, screaming grandkids and all. I love it for about another 4 hours. Anyway I asked my kids what N.W. A. Stood for and all three replied back in unison. Followed with OMG are the still doing that shit? Guess it’s wearing thin.

  6. Go back to sleep, Anonymous. Sorry you had a nightmare.

    Bad_Brad is my friend and I do care what he says. Can’t say the same for you since I don’t know you.

    Good night.

  7. His point about bad-ass ‘thugs’ being cowards at their core is noteworthy. It’s something everyone should remember about our glorified bad-ass, bad-boy, gangstas

    Drive-by shootings…cowardice.

    Knocking out unsuspecting people (usually elderly)…cowardice.

    Bringing a kid into the world and then abandoning it….cowardice.

    Mob violence as opposed to one on one challenges…cowardice.

    Grabbing the microphone from a 73 year old Vermont hippie but not daring to grab it from a Republican…cowardice.


    Gladly accepting gov’t money instead of working…cowardice

    That’s the message that should be sent to young blacks.

    “You are a bunch of cowards and we know it.”

    Go work in the oilfields of North Dakota if you’re so badass. Go get on a salmon boat in Alaska if you’re so badass. SIMPLY GO GET A JOB IF YOU’RE SO BADASS.

  8. NO! Dammit, don’t give in to those who would take away your Confederate flag or make you bake a homo cake! And especially don’t take down your flag of the United States of America because it offends someone.


  9. I like to hear about other people’s experiences. A lot of that stuff is funny as hell too.
    The ones who bitch about it always seem to post as anonymous — and that’s boring as hell when you don’t know who’s talking.

  10. If I may please: Ahem (clears throat): PH*CK Hollyweird pushing this cr*p.. And PH*CK the Niggaz With Attitude. LOSERS! Rot in H*ll..

  11. And here’s the classic Rand Paul voter. You never contribute shit here but you feel free to bad mouth me.

  12. We went to the movies last night in our small Midwestern suburb 8% black, mostly working families, friends and neighbors, but carmike’s was checking bags for guns across the country so we got searched as a family. In today’s climate that seems like a provocative move which would only upset the ones likely to cause a problem.

  13. NWA, Geto Boys, Public Enemy, Eminem.
    It’s all trash to me.

    “Stright Outta Compton”?!
    Nothing more (or less) than a
    negroid “Triumph Of The Will”

    propaganda piece by those who would
    stir up the idle masses to chaos.

  14. Now that certainly doesn’t sound like you. And yeah, we all kinda get to know a poster a little from what they post here.

    I enjoy tying some personal stories together with a handle so you sure don’t have to stop on my account.

  15. I’m surprised that no one went for the “cheap shot” in the comments here..
    So, here it is…
    “I bet casting for this movie was easy, since they all look alike..”
    one last thought.. “Easy-E” died from aids.. and that tells me all I need to know about them..

  16. Me, myself and I tell a lot of stories here. Judging by the up-votes for both Brad and my personal experiences, they are well received.
    People who criticize another person’s life experiences have led a sedentary lifestyle and are incised others have had way more experiences then they.
    It ain’t bragging, if you can back it up.
    Hey milquetoast, go bungie jumping, lie about your weight, you don’t want others to know you’re that fat, happy landing.
    Some are forged in fire, like granite, others are just sandstone, easily eroded by the blowing wind.

  17. It’s hard to tell life experiences stories when you haven’t had any worth mentioning, eh Lu Lu?
    Disappointed you didn’t turn out as special as you were told you were?

  18. Another propaganda film produced by the government/media complex. I’m not going to pay to watch in a theater. Even if it’s on TV and it’s free I’m not going to watch it. You can’t pay me enough to watch it.

    Grandpa was right – “That crap will rot yer brain”.

  19. Bravo, Rhettsgirl. Conservative need to get it together. The questionable partnerships you mentioned and what they produce is one reason it’s important to keep current concerning pop culture.

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