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NASA Is Destroying an Asteroid in September


Once in a while, we hear a story in the news about an asteroid that’s going to fly close to the Earth. It’s always no threat to the planet, but with all the objects flying around in space, something is bound to find its way onto a collision course with Earth at some point.

Since we don’t want a scenario like that in the films Deep Impact and Armageddon, NASA has been working on technology that will allow it to neutralize the threat without sending Bruce Willis or Robert Duvall into space.

NASA is conducting a test of its planetary defense system on Sept. 26. The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) will send a spacecraft to the asteroid Dimorphos, which poses no threat to Earth, to prove that its system can work to destroy an asteroid that could threaten the planet.

“This test will show a spacecraft can autonomously navigate to a target asteroid and intentionally collide with it to change the asteroid’s motion in a way that can be measured using ground-based telescopes,” reads NASA’s press release. “DART will provide important data to help better prepare for an asteroid that might pose an impact hazard to Earth, should one ever be discovered.” more

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  1. I understand they are redirecting it to take out a nation they don’t agree with. It will just look like a normal asteroid hit so they don’t take any of the blame. Lets hope they get it right.

  2. Great. They end up actually blowing this asteroid into a multitude of pieces, which will rain down and strike all over our planet, giving it a severe case of monkey pox as a result.

  3. And what are their plans with the “big one” headed our way? What about Planet X? How do they propose to alter it’s movement? God has his own plans for this planet, no scientist can mess with that. Just like the scripture says “he will come as a thief in the night.” That means be ready for his 2nd coming, you know what man has planned for you.

  4. What could go wrong???

    Let me count the ways…

    Just like when the forest service started fires in New Mexico and Arizona and nearly burned the entire forests up…

  5. I read the headline and all I could think of was “Lucifer’s Hammer”, by Jerry Pournelle and Larry Niven.
    Yeah….right…..what could go wrong?

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