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US Households Going Under from the Weight of Inflated Utility Bills


Long-term CTH readers might remember in 2014 when President Obama claimed U.S. families had been paying too little for electricity for too long.  As soon as Joe Biden took office, he began implementing the Green New Deal energy policy that, (a) directly forces higher costs for energy; and (b) is now creating massive problems.

In July I noted my own electricity bill had jumped 28% in a single month.  That bill was followed by another almost identical increase this month.  A review of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for July [Data Here] shows that nationally the same thing is happening.  The year-over-year electricity price has increased 15.2%. However, worse still, the July increase alone was 1.9%, which figures to an annualized rate of 22.8%. More

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  1. I hear people crying all the time about their power bill. They claim their thermostat is on 90 (BS), not when it’s 106 outside. People have many more electronics these days and all have to be powered up. Think those electric cars are going to be cheap to charge? You’ll use less power or none at all and be happy. Glad I don’t live in Europe, let’s see if the citizens rise up.

  2. Here in Texas we have a mix of co-op’s and a fully deregulated grid. If you’re not on a regional co-op, the electricity is delivered by a company “Oncor” for a flat fee per kwh, and generated by a company of your choosing. How that part of the deal is structured is between you the company via a contract. We can shop for providers on a website:

    And pick various plans based on fixed or flex rate, length of term, time of use, etc… You can try it yourself. Just plug a Texas zip code in, like “78664” which is a portion of Round Rock, TX.

    Things I’ve noticed as of late… I signed a two year subscription just after the “Snowmageddon” event in 2021. My previous 2yr contract had been at ~8.9 cents per kwh flat rate. Lowest I could get in spring 2021 was 10.4 cents per kwh, and I took it. I do check from time to time… Currently I have trouble finding even 6 – 9 month plans for less than 16 cents per kwh. Longer term plans go up from there. Most of the alternative plans with time of use or renewable stipulations have disappeared. I used to be able to get a “free nights & weekends” plan, and those are no where to be found!


  3. I’m glad that I live in a part of the country where most of our electricity comes from hydroelectric power (and some natural gas) on the Snake and Columbia Rivers here in Eastern and central Wash. state. That is until the idiots who want to breach several dams on the Snake River in order to save the salmon try to get their way, God forbid. Leave our dams alone all you green weenie jerks who think that salmon are more important than our farmers and all the rest of us here in Eastern Washington. Thank God that all of our dams were built back before the early 70’s, the ecoweenies wouldn’t allow it now.

  4. @Kali Refugee in Texas: I typed in my sister’s zip code in TX and it said: “No plans found. Your zip code may not be in a service area open to competition.”

    Does that mean her bill could be $$$$. People flocked to States where the grass was going to be greener and now the grass has died. Her property taxes are double what ours are. She was under Prop 13 here in CA, her taxes were very, very low here. Now water is being rationed where she’s at. I’ve got more to say about that, but increase in population only means one thing – more consumers and no infrastructure to handle it.

  5. In Maine CMP literally doubled our rates earlier this year.
    In summer we hardly turn on lights as it’s light out early (4:30 here in summer) and doesn’t get dark until 8 pm or so.
    We don’t watch near as much tv.
    We cook on the grill a lot.
    Our avg bill went from $84 to $150 per month.
    Our hot water is off the furnace. We’re down to half a tank. Last fill was April. It’s going to be near $1000 to fill the tank and we have to do that 4 or 5 times per winter.
    Eggs are up more than $1 more in the past couple of weeks.
    Milk is $5 gal here.

    The goal of these commies in charge right now is to crush the middle class. They want us dependent on them.
    The welfare building behind my house? Two BMW suv’s, a couple of Toyota trucks, huge tv’s in every unit, all have smart phones, many eat out every day, etc. They are what Mr. Beachmom calls the idle poor.
    That’s what they want for all of us.
    This is all on purpose.

  6. …Preznit Choomer and Brandon, the dumbass who once sold off his driveway so that he couldn’t access his own property.

    Meanwhile Gore and Kerry are grifting at a frantic pace.

  7. I have an old photo of my home, 1785, a bunch of people are standing outside with a horse drawn buggy. The one notable thing is no power lines going to the house. I also know no insulation in the walls and no running water. A hand dug well 33 ft. deep is in the back yard yet today. Is this where democrats are taking us back to???

  8. In case you hadn’t noticed, thanks to all the maggot-ridden fucktards moving out of blue-state shitholes into once genteel areas, your property value assessments have presented you with higher property taxes as well.
    Good luck, and look out for the next school bond session.

  9. @Goldenfoxx,

    She’s probably on a co-op, like Perdenales or Bluebonnet, or one of the city utilities.

    Prop 13 is a huge head fake. All the Kali governments did is tack on planning and permit fee’s to housing construction. Planning and permit fee’s for a single family house in Texas are maybe $6k. When I last checked ten years ago, the SF Bay area, average planning & permit fee’s for a single family house were $140,000+. Which means any house with a valid occupancy permit is worth the cost of those permits. And then you pay income taxes on the income needed to afford the permit inflated house.

  10. ‘Prop 13 is a huge head fake.”

    NO!!!! Jarvis Gann’s goal was to keep elderly people in their homes without fear of being forced out due to sky rocketing property tax. It does a very good job at that. That’s why the state keeps trying to get around it.

  11. Goldenfoxx

    I have several friends that moved to Texas. The first was about 10 years ago the most recent approx 3 years. They all left. They all, every single one of them, moved to Arizona. I’m not sure that’s much better. Prop 13 makes Cali pretty damn attractive when it comes to property tax.

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