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National Cathedral Excited To Do Gay Marriage

It shouldn’t be a surprise the Washington National Cathedral will be providing weddings for same sex couples, after all, it belongs to the Episcopal Church and “is the seat of both the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church and the Bishop of the Diocese of Washington.


A town as wicked and corrupt as Washington deserves a house of worship equally tainted by sin an iniquity.


The Cathedral’s website provides a video of the special service held last week celebrating the SCOTUS Obergefell v. Hodges ruling.  They’ve apparently been waiting a long time for this.

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  1. Wow – I’ve never seen an excited Cathedral! Does the steeple get really taller or what?

    : }

  2. Last November they also hosted Islamic prayers–they covered up Christian images and allowed them to lay out prayer rugs and was in complete accord when the imans prayed that there is no god but allah

    God will not be mocked.

  3. I was in Wash. DC in 1992 (May 1992) for the National day of prayer with a large church group of about 250 people or so from Spokane, Seattle and from Southern Idaho. One of the places we visited along with Steven Mansfield was the national cathedral.I’ll never forget being told because I was wearing an Indiana Jones hat while inside the cathedral to remove it because it would be blaspheme the sanctity and dignity of the cathedral. I thought that was ridiculous after a cathedral employee told me to remove my hat. one of the pastors called the place a whited sepulcher which it was. That’s my story about the national cathedral and even then was not a place where the spirit of God resides. It’s about as worthless now as a bucket of piss. God help us, these sodomites are blinded fools leading us down a path we don’t want to go. But god is still in charge no matter what. I asked a strong prolife friend of mine Saturday at our church picnic how does he stay sane in an insane world. He told me and I agree with him that when sin abounds grace flows freely to those who trust in God. I believe that something will happen that will either draw closer to god as a nation or we will be destroyed and made a laughing stock and thrown on the dustbin of history because we forgot God. My faith is God will prevail and be restored miraculously once again. I don’t know how but I believe it will happen in a way we least expect it.

  4. Gee Wally, before ya know it we’re gonna be over-run with their offspring in just a few short years!
    Uhhh, Beave…

  5. Geoff the Aardvark, nicely said. Those that throw God aside will soon get the same in return. 🙁

  6. Have they taken down all of the crosses in there yet? Wouldn’t want to offend the muslims, homos and atheists who infest the building.

  7. What a waste of a beautiful building and a glorious pipe organ. Shame on these people who do call evil good and good evil. What you sow, you are going to reap.

  8. “You may now kiss the bri…uhhh…you may now ram your man in the ass.”

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