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  1. I blame it on the decline in the number
    of drive-in movies.

    Oh, and George Bush, of course…

    ; }

  2. We’re all in the handbasket. Only question is how fast is our trip.

  3. Like the frogs in the pot of water and the heat came on them gradually and they were quite comfortable until it was too late and they were cooked. Something like that.

  4. The socialists took control of education and the entertainment business. Now our children are taught that God is irrelevant and the evening news tells us that pride stands for the LBGTIAMWHATISAYIAMMICKEYMOUSE community.

    Ban socialism.

  5. We now worship The Orgasm and Data… we use Data to learn that it is now perfectly legal to stick your noodle into anyone (or anything) to achieve The Orgasm. Then use Data to transmit photos of the act to everyone on the planet.
    Lord, I can’t understand how we can possibly be forgiven.

  6. My Bible says “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”Proverbs 16:18, which is weird, since we have all this haughtiness and Gay pride debauchery going on at the same time the Moslem ISISSYITES are making homosexuals fall. And, YES, I realize the verse applies to us all.

  7. If you read the Bible and some prophecy passages, you’ll see that there’s always some kind of buildup before God unleashes his judgement. An example of this is the two angels and Abraham. Notice he pleaded beginning with a large number, down, down, down, until only ten righteous. You see the contrasting regression between the number of people and time? They were probably decent communities at one time. But when man turns and ignores God…

    No. Destruction is not imminent. These wicked people are only accelerating along a set timetable that will eventually run out when God’s patience has worn thin, as it did in Abraham’s time, and His ultimatum expires into Wrath and Judgement .

  8. We’re surely in the 11th hour. It should be no surprise when He does.

  9. Pogo knew who the enemy was. What he didn’t know was that Political Correctness would come along and justify it!

  10. I thought we knew this? The 60’s and 70’s cultural revolution. The trippin’ hippies of that era are running the place now.

    Free love. Flower power. Don’t be such a square, daddy-o.

    Keep pushing the envelope. Get a slightly more outrageous atrocity accepted each day.

    The Reagan and GW Bush era was the last of the old guard. Clinton ushered in the era of 24 hour news, constant campaigning, and the principle of constant crisis in the news.

    Clinton changed everything with regard to politics and political mind games.

    He started the idea where the lib-dem machine keeps the opposition constantly ticked off by scandal after scandal, repeat until they become numb and catatonic, gibbering in the corner.

    This was possible because he and hillary owned the press and kept the fax machines warmed up by sending them daily DNC talking points.

    It all fits together. Keep knocking the opposition off kilter, create a false culture in the media, and keep pushing the envelope and tell the conservatives to get with the times. Meanwhile the emperor has no clothes and the flyover country is still gibbering the corner, outraged but left with nothing but tears and memories of how it used to be.

  11. Richard Speck, probably voted for Obama 50 times from the grave.

  12. The rainbow white hut was photo shopped. The homos were real.

  13. OMG! I didn’t think even this low blow was possible from the homo-in-chief!!!!

    My hair is on fire!!!!!!!!!!

  14. What Happened?
    Unlike every single generation before them, the Hippies and their Ilk never set down the revolutionary idealism of youth.
    They have made ‘Revolution’ a lifestyle
    Revolution requires destruction of the current civilization to make way for the new and improved.
    We are watching the destruction of our society to make way for the ‘Liberal’s New and Improved Society.

    However, this is all window dressing.
    You collapse the economy (coming soon) and all the Gay Parades and Awareness Raisers and Smarmy Liberal Nonsense will be met with fists and clubs of people who are hungry and in no mood for this shit

  15. CZAR — that was a great article. Thank you.

    I’ve said it before. The next election is going to be about law and order. The rule of law and public decency. Crying rooms will still be available for the weak minded.

    The next election can not be anything but a huge repeat of the last one. Local, state and federal gains by conservative Republicans. RINOs will get the boot along with the loony left and progressives.

    We need to stay positive.

  16. I hope you are right Zonga, but I think from the Libtard prospective it’s going to be about promising free shit to 54% of the population if they vote Dem. That’s why they are pulling all these people in from third world countries.

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