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National Crayon Day Slogan



ht/ fdr in hell

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  1. @harbqll: No, “Natonal” Crayon Day is correct. National Crayon Day is actually tomorrow – March 32.

  2. Didn’t that slogan used to be on the side of the Trojan boxes?

    The “Natonal” don’t even signify in the thumb typing illiterate mouth breathing world.

  3. Melted crayon works great for waterproofing your pipe bomb fuses and adding a happy touch of nice color to your handiwork!

    Or so I’m told. I wouldn’t know.

  4. My dad used crayons as targets to help me practice when I was 12.
    .22 revolver
    25 ft. Then 50. Then 75. Then 100. I had to hit the crayon 25 times in a row to go to the next distance. 50 ft was all the further I got.

  5. So what? men can only see in the 16 Microsoft Basic colors anyhow.

    She Who Must Be Obeyed told me to get her something in ‘Puce’ the other day…. wtf is ‘puce’?

  6. When I was that young, the rich kids got the 64 color box.
    I was lucky to get a 16 color box once or twice.

  7. Mr. Anth Ropy- I didn’t get the mega box too often, but I treated those crayons like they were gold. The box fell apart before my crayons did. I arranged them by color and hue, and if the label came off, I made a new one with the color name on it. I was a strange yet organized child. hahaha

  8. They tell me that a new crayon will burn for fifteen minutes if it’s set upright and lighted, in place of a candle.


  9. @Jethro: I believe the color you are thinking of “flesh”.

    It wasn’t the actual skin color of anyone I knew, but we got the message. It was before integration, after all.

  10. Each summer, we box up cases of
    crayons and pencils to send to my
    wife’s former village south of Cebu.
    It supports all of the poor kids for
    the entire school year. There are some
    nice things I do in life.

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