National Media Focused On Petito Case While Ignoring Chicago Weekend Bloodbath

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So far, nine people are dead and 45 wounded as a result of multiple shootings in Chicago over the weekend. According to the Sun Times Media Wire, five men died in the span of four hours Saturday alone.

On Saturday morning, a 3-year-old boy became one of the wounded. A gunman shot the boy in the back while he was inside his own home. As a result, the boy is being treated in Comer Children’s Hospital. Chicago Police Department hasn’t put anyone in custody for his shooting yet. More

As much as I despise Joe Reid, I agree with her criticism of the TV news obsession with the local Gabby Petito story. More

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  1. Yeah but Petito is not part of a community that does not want be policed according to the Race Baiters.
    Her Family & Community are co-operating and engaging.

  2. Hey,Gabby was white so I’m surprised she got the time she did.May the Lord have mercy on her soul and when the catch her murderer [boy friend ] hope he gets the chair and His parents need to be charged as well..Chicago’s news is always the same,shootings,murder,theft etc. So it really doesn’t need more news air time…Come back quickly as you promised Lord and take your rightful place….

  3. @jarhead, @geoff — Exactly.

    Some time ago I consciously stopped paying much attention to the pop nooz dope pushers’ distraction stories. Yeah, I succumb to some of them, but it seems to help me keep my perspective on the actual, y’know, 𝒊𝒎𝒑𝒐𝒓𝒕𝒂𝒏𝒕 stuff going on.

    For the families and loved ones involved, this is as tragic as it gets. For most people, though, some of these stories are designed to catch you up and lead you to wallow in someone else’s misery. Screw that.

  4. Lightfoot’s mission is actually going well. She was put in place to destroy, like di blasio, garcetti and the like.

  5. The Democrats are sacrificing their proletariat for a greater goal. A world where the chosen Democrat elites control everyone’s movements for the greater good. Like they say, “you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet”. Look what Jack Boot opportunities Covid has given the ruling class in Australia, Canada, France…

  6. The guy that shot the 3 year old wasn’t arrested?
    If it was a negligent discharge, the first was with the baby’s momma and the second was the 3 year old. Or is this idiot claiming self defense? He should be arrested.
    Chicago, different day same needlessly violent story with murders and wounded. Not my kind of town.

  7. I got a little off track but I have to agree that if the situation with the Yellowstone murder was two young Black people then it wouldn’t make the ten o’clock news. The liberal Legacy media is most definitely racist.

  8. Nothing ever changes in chicago. You could write the same byline, just insert the number of people shot and/or killed that week. Also, she has got to be one of the most unattractive individuals ever.

  9. All part of the plan to drag America down to its lowest level of SUCK and rob us of our tax dollars with mythical crisis like White Supremacy, Rampant Racism and Climate Change while sweeping real problems under the rug with the cat shit!

  10. are you sure this ain’t the Joy Reid rant?

    got news for everyone … cute little white girl being murdered is a much more compelling story than everyday black-on-black killings … ’cause guess what?

    wait for it …

    …. wait for it ….

    there are more whites in the US than anyone else!!! 69% last count (without those claiming Native American or Other). & even w/ whites only being 49% (in the near future, so they say) guess what? … they’ll STILL BE the majority!!! (I know … math’s a bitch)

    … & ….. ….. (annoying, ain’t it?) black-on-black crime is a ‘dog bites man’ story. it’s so commonplace, no one notices anymore … who’s fault is that?

  11. And the Mutant continues to scream, it’s your guns fault. OK, I’m good with that. If I want to send some ammo into the war zone where should I send it? If she’s mayor in ten years nothing will change. Dumber than a box of rocks.

  12. Thank you mayor lightfoot for culling the streets of Chicago one perp at a time!
    Keep up the good work!


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