No Censorship of the Right?…. Righhhhttttttttt

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12 Comments on No Censorship of the Right?…. Righhhhttttttttt

  1. #walkawayfromfacebook.

    Because being involved with Big Brother ultimately supports Big Brother.

    Use your damn heads, people.

  2. *Center for Immigration Studies says Twitter is tagging the phrase ‘illegal alien’ as ‘hateful content’

    *Google bans Gab app

    *Norm Macdonald is dis-invited by Jimmy Fallon over his #MeToo comments(because it made his writers cry)

    As MJA posted…it’s all about the Left controlling narratives. Watch Google the day after MAGA victory in 2016. A must see for those who don’t think tech is unhinged Left.

    No bias whatsoever…………………….not.

  3. I know Gookle banned the gab app from its play store last year, but it seems likely such an app exists anyway. Do qny of you know how best to go about acquiring and installing a gab app on android?


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