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I present this. I watched it. Thoughts? I had many.

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  1. I watched this yesterday. It amazes me how these clueless loons (like Stewart) often express ideas which are not THAT far from the way a conservative would look at the same situation (while the conservative would apply logic), but NEVER make the connection that it is the very policies which they back causing the problem.

  2. These two idiots sound like guys with paper buttholes. Stewart talks out of both sides of his mouth and doesn’t really say anything. You cannot straddle the fence on such serious issues as we are seeing today!

    On the upside – Donald Trump lives in their minds forever!!

  3. “Americans want prosperity and security”, yes, among other things, namely to be left alone, to keep government in their own lane, and to be afforded the protections and rights the Constitution promised them.

    Although Steward and Maher are better than the rest because they actually think about this stuff and don’t default to blind ideology, I still have little patience for the whole lot. They all, to a man, refuse to acknowledge the very precept of free speech, and they refuse to hold their aside accountable for the barbaric bastardization and dismantling of very concept of freedom.

    BFH, I would like to read your thoughts as well.

  4. Democrats and CNN are the biggest threat to Democracy in present time. They have no shame in their quest to “Fundamentally Transform America into a new communist nation”

  5. Jake Tapper (that’s who that was, right?) would have loved the conversation to stay on the “Big Lie”. Jon Stewart wants us to believe he is some sort of deep thinking intellectual. They can both kiss my homesick ass.

  6. Fake Crapper and Yawn Stewart – what intelligent and sane person looks to either for “revealed wisdom” and honesty??

  7. Stewart talks out of both sides of his mouth and doesn’t really say anything… but he sounds sooo intelligent saying it – NOT!

    They are coming to grips with their propaganda instead of reality!
    He says the majority of Republican voters think, falsely, the election was stolen…
    Notice how he throws “falsely” in there to re-inforce the party line!
    And then there is all the projection of accusing the Right of doing exactly what the Left is actually doing!
    Iduno, I got the impression that those two should share a tube of KY jelly!

  8. Here we are, almost a year after the election, and Jake Tapper is still focused on Donald Trump. The fact that the liberals are still obsessed with Trump seems to validate that the election was corrupt and/or that Biden is corrupt and/or unqualified.

    Jon Stewart is a liberal, but he is no dummy and would probably make a better newsman than Tapper would ever dream of. Stewart never claimed to be a journalist or reporter; he made his fame hosting a comedy show from which, ironically, many millenials got their news. To his credit, Steward always maintained the Daily Show was a comedy show that used politics and current events as its topics.

    In this interview, Stewart comes off as more evenhanded than Tapper. I don’t really have a problem with someone’s political views slightly seeping into a telecast – that is actually fairly normal and has happened probably since television was invented – but Stewart tries to be balanced. Donald Trump is not a supervillain; he was elected President of the United States at least once and does have innate knack for politics. Our system of government is messy. Elections and election rules need to be tightened up. And today’s informational technology will present issues in the future. Stewart gets this; Tapper is still focused on Trump and basically ignored these issues.

    I don’t always agree with Stewart. I don’t always agree with anyone. But I do respect people who try to be balanced and present coherent arguments, and by and large Stewart does this. CNN talking heads like Jack Tapper, on the other hand, are just Democrat tools toeing the party line.

  9. Stewart seemed troubled. Perhaps addled by vaccine brain fog.

    But he was too incoherent to watch for long. I turned it off.

  10. jellybean.

    Stewart sounds like he’s fallen out of his cognitive dissonance and using parseltongue in order to not directly disagree with Tapper.

  11. Clearly Tapper is pushing his leftist, anti-Trump agenda.

    Stewart has long been a moderate, recognizing the divisiveness in politics and the need for liberties. However… his Daily Show pushed left-wing politics and dismissed conservative-oriented (and liberty-oriented) politics. He was the primary source of news for the young liberal demographic even though his show was not a news show. And he pioneered the ‘It’s news until you call me on it, at which point I explain that I just have a comedy show.’ – which many after him have copied.

  12. The left uses the word democracy differently that we do. We are not a true democracy but rather a republic with a constitution as a set of rules that restrict the government. In a true democracy, if the majority vote to end private property ownership or end the right to self defense or exterminate those of a certain race, well, that’s what happens. Due to the nature of human beings, true democracy is pure evil. The left wants true democracy because all you have to do is fool a majority of the people to go along with something and that’s not hard to do when you dumb them down in government schools and erase history. This is why you hear the left talking about defending and promoting democracy. To them, it’s the tool they will use to take control.

  13. Why is the communist news network allowing anyone to even give a hint of a conservative thought?
    I said this on a previous post:
    These guys are playing the part they are paid to do. Right now, their role is to start speaking to the so many citizens of this once great country who are slowly getting red-pilled in a way that gains their confidence. So, in the next few months they will lull these people into a state of unsureness (am I right or left…I don’t know), and….just before the 2022 election they will go full bore leftist. Just watch!

  14. Every aspect of Tapper’s questioning revolved around selling the idea that anyone questioning the legitimacy of Biden’s “win” are lunatics, or worse. From what I saw, Mr. Liebowitz did nothing but agree. Maybe I missed something, because I couldn’t sit through the entire clip.

  15. They are both part of the problem.
    Stewart with his faux/comedy/news show that influenced millions of millennials and Tapper with his garbage take on everything CNN.

    Oh right, Jake. You’re all angels. You and your ilk have always tried to promote good will among Americans.
    You all did not radicalize your minions during the entire Trump presidency. You and your hero Hillary had nothing to do with fomenting the hate. You’re just squeaky clean 24/7, right?
    The election was straight up legit even though if it went the other way, you screaming babies would’ve never stopped shitting your diapers.
    You’re all smarter than us ‘stupid right wingers’ and we should not question any of your side’s superiority.
    That includes Joy Behar, Whoopie the alien, assface Colbert,
    Jimmy the drooler Kimmel, etc.
    Yeah, you’re all fucking angels.
    Give me a break.
    Your time is gonna come.

  16. Thoughts? Bungholes basically do three things. Pass hot stinky air, hot steaming crap and nothing. He always seems to spend 95% of his time doing one and two when he should do mostly three.

  17. Tapper, where was the shame and why did you not ask about the Berniebot who shot up Republicans at a softball game? And Trump won.. GFYS

  18. I NEVER consider the latent (and accidental) “deep thoughts” of any public figure — particularly if they are paid to speak about said thoughts — who has already proven time and again they are an imbecile. Unless they can show me verification of their lobotomy or, otherwise, explain their own red pill moment (ala Candace Owens-Farmer), I ain’t buyin’ what they’re selling and am highly suspiscious of their motives. Stewart is just smart enough and thoroughly too much of a coward to risk his paycheck.

  19. Tapper: “Big Lie Narrative, Orange Man Bad, Big Lie Narrative”

    Liebowitz: “Fortune Cookie, Horoscope, Fortune Cookie”

  20. Now that the Trump bogyman is no longer center page news with these communist asshats, their ratings are falling and they are losing advertisers. So the mentally ill turds will keep whipping the dead horse hoping their equally mentally ill listeners will keep the money train going.
    Too bad for them, most people have other problems these days, like keeping food on the table, thanks to these propagandist fools.

  21. The best of the Left occasionally display the broken clock syndrome but being right no more than twice a day does not make you smart or even-handed.


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